Basil Plant: About The Basil And Its Properties

Interesting facts about the Basil and its healthy properties

We all have heard several times that Basil is a very healthy plant. Do you know but more about this herb? Believe us: it is worth to learn more about it.

We have in the next few lines to tell you pretty interesting stuff!

Basil plant cook with fresh basil medicinal properties

The Latin name of the Basil plant is Ocimum basilicum. It is valued for its specific aroma. Basil finds widespread use in the gastronomy because of it.

Depending on the form and smell some reminiscent of the 60 varieties of Basil very Mint. This is not surprising, because both plants are related.

Mint and Basil plant

Basil plant fresh basil Mint similarities and differences

Originally, you could find the Basil in Africa and Asia. Nowadays, to plant it around the world.


We begin with an overview of the nutrients of the Basil. Here, containing 100 grams of the product are:

23 calories,
3.15 grams of protein,
0.64 grams of fat,
2.65 gram carbohydrates;
92, 06 ml. water
0.3 grams of sugar,
0 grams cholesterol,.

The Basil is a source of vitamin K and manganese, copper and vitamin C. In addition, much calcium, iron, foil acid contained therein and also the Omega-3 acids make up a large share.

How healthy is Basil?

Basil plant fresh basil potted plant herb garden

Health benefits from the consumption of the Basil

Its ingredients ensure prophylaxis at the cell level. With regular use, you reduce the development of bad bacteria in the body.

The essential oils, which are extracted from Basil are particularly healthy and highly valued.

These are known for their antibacterial effect.

Basil is still a very good source of vitamin A. beta carotene can heart further help and circulation problems, or significantly improve the condition of the already affected organs.

Are you aware of the healing properties of the Basil?

Basil plant Krüutergarten fresh basil plants


Unfortunately, some people can show allergy to Basil. It also registered large remnants of pesticides in many samples.

Searching for and storing the Basil

The Basil can be bought in many stores. You can buy it all year, but it has the best quality in a given time interval, between July and August.

The Basil is healthier in raw state. Dried it can give a more intense smell some food.

You can store the fresh basil in the refrigerator in a slightly damp paper towel. In hermetically sealed vessels you can pick the Basil also frozen.

The dried Basil should be stored in a tightly closed container. In a dark and dry place can keep for up to 6 months there.

Store fresh basil

Basil plant fresh basil leaves

You can store a few days fresh a bunch of Basil in a glass of water

Basil plant fresh basil of federal nutrition

Basil as a potted plant

Basil plant fresh basil in pot

Basil in the garden

Basilico Ocimum Basil plant fresh basil in the garden

Use in the gastronomy

Now we come to the wide usage of the Basil in the hospitality industry.

You find many ideas in Italian cuisine. Salads are a popular and well-known recipe the Tomato mozzarella.

Basil fits well to many vegetable dishes. Those are for example with eggplant, herbs. Basil is very suitable for tofu – and chili dishes. The herb is also typical for Thai food.

Have you already tried one of the great recipes for tomato soup with Basil?

Prepare delicious chili Basil Hommos

Basil plant chili Basil of Hommos

Healthy diet with fresh vegetables – taste dishes with Basil

basil plant fresh basil Eggplant tomato

Homemade pesto

Basil plant fresh basil pesto easy recipes

A simple recipe with Basil

Basil plant make fresh basil pesto myself

Green smoothies with Basil

Basil plant fresh basil Smoothie with ginger and vegetablesBasil plant green Smoothie fresh basil AvoladoBasil plant fresh salad with Basil healthy nutrition

In Italian cuisine, Basil is a must

Basil plant Italian cuisine dried tomatoes fresh basilBasil plant fresh basil garden herbsBasil plant fresh basil Hel effect herb gardenBasil plant plant fresh basil in the gardenBasil plant fresh basil on a window sillBasil plant fresh basil in the basket healthy cooking