Chocolate Healthy? Hot Chocolate As A Sweet And Healthy Seduction!

How is hot chocolate the came into the world?

The British Museum in London to apply as one of not “winning” wonders of the world, because it holds a varied and exquisite collection of books, manuscripts, many Herbaria and precious objects from the ancient world. Its existence is due to the same man, who has made us known of hot chocolate and words like Samurai, shampoo and acupuncture .

Many thanks to Sir Hans Sloane.

hans sloane hot chocolate inventor

On 11 January 1753, the world bid farewell to Sir Hans Sloane – world-famous naturalist, physician, collector and “Inventor” of the hot chocolate. But how is the drink come to the world? While Soane residence in Jamaica, the locals asked him a drink made from cocoa beans pounded into powder.

As this extraordinary liquid first ever not tasted the British, the typical Englishman added milk. When he returned to his home country, he devoted his patients this sweet, hot drink as effective medicines for different diseases. In this way, the chocolate earned the reputation to have a healing effect on the body and soul!

In the 17th century “the Fransozen fought the” unpleasant feelings, such as anger, depression and mood, by they regularly consume the sweet seduction. The health properties of hot chocolate depend above all by the cocoa – the darker, more healthier!

Chocolate healthy?
Convince yourself of the health properties of hot chocolate!

hot chocolate healthy beverage drink

Today the hot chocolate is no longer as medicine for the cure of diseases considered, however, is popular with adults and children worldwide and is consumed at any time. To treat yourself to a cup of chocolate after the work day before the fireplace or TV the necessary vital energy is considered a safe procedure, quickly recover and leave all worries behind! The many different recipes for homemade hot chocolate throw new sensations of the sense of taste. The heavenly drink is not only delicious but also very healthy!

Why is chocolate healthy?

healthy hot chocolate

A cup of hot chocolate on the day promotes the concentration and brain function. The flavonoids contained herein improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain and make us think better! In addition, lower high blood pressure, normalize the function of the cardiovascular system and prevent the formation of thrombi in the blood. But be careful with the sugar and remain within the reasonable limits!
The hot chocolate is rich in antioxidants as green tea and the wine! The temperature of the drink is its effect on us – closely linked the hot chocolate, the more effect!

Do you drink like hot chocolate?

chocolate healthy tasty

The sweet liquid is considered antidepressant and stimulates the production of the happiness hormone. The combination of endorphins and antioxidants helps in stress management and has nerves.
You can involve quiet, abstemious however consume the beverage in his Dietplan! The daily need for treats can be a cup quickly, easily, and especially low-calorie substitute hot chocolate.

This candy is pretty rich in vitamins – she supplied us with potassium, copper, magnesium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals.
Prepare a delicious hot chocolate myself and totally surrender to their heavenly taste

prepare hot chocolate myself

When preparing hot chocolate you must follow some basic rules. In the first place, one needs access to black chocolate with as few flavour enhancers to get a delicious and natural taste of the drink. Because of the high sugar content could harm our health, you can add just unsweetened coconut milk or Mandelmich. Because of its high content of detrimental ingredients we discourage you from, to use the finished cocoa powder sold on the market for hot chocolate.

Healthy chocolate – the homemade hot chocolate pleasure the whole family

hot chocolate ingredients homemade

Mix two cups of coconut milk, a zerblöckelte chocolate, a teaspoon of cinnamon and 3 tablespoons coconut blossom sugar or coconut nectar, into a suitable container, drop this onto the preheated Cooking Hob and stir continuously thereafter. After approximately 4-5, the sweet mix of consumption is ready minutes! If you want to give your chocolate an Oriental taste, then you can add ginger, nutmeg or cardamom in the cooking time. To get really close the exoticism, add a pinch of sharp red pepper and enjoy a real Mexican hot chocolate!

Chocolate healthy?

Of course! Without flavour enhancers and additional additives!

hot chocolate healthy preparation

Hot chocolate with pepper helps against cold and stuffy nose

hot chocolate of hot pepper

The whole world worships Sir Hans Sloane and enjoys his magic, sweet invention today

inventor hot chocolate

Chocolate healthy? -The darker, more healthier!

healthy dark hot chocolate

Is the water in the mouth converged you already?

chocolate healthy tasty drink

Chocolate healthy? -Warm up the cold winter days!

healthy chocolate drink right

Do you still remember what chocolate places Johnny Depp in the film “Chocolat – a small bite is enough” best tasted?

Hot chocolate, of course!

chocolate healthy tasty drink

Hot chocolate on chocolate ice cream – only for true chocoholics

hot chocolate ice

The Chocolate Festival held annually in Tampa, Florida!

According to the Guinness Book of world records, the largest Cup here 2013 prepared hot chocolate in the world!

hot chocolate festival tampa

Their delicious hot chocolate secrets reveal right before your eyes

hot chocolate drink healthy

Chocolate healthy? Not only, but also delicious!

chocolate healthy hot

You could mix black and white chocolate melt together and then immediately consume

homemade chocolate hot healthy

Share this special moment with your loved ones to give himself an incomparable experience!

chocolate healthy homemade

Hot chocolate is popular with young and old

chocolate healthy dark

healthy chocolate

Hot chocolate with marshmallows is becoming more popular, because it is associated with comfort, warmth and cuddly Momementen!

exotic chocolate healthy

hot chocolate healthy tasty sweet

hot chocolate love

hot chocolate drink

hot chocolate drink

hot chocolate marshmellows

Many innovative ideas which pave the way to our hearts.

What would you prefer? White hot chocolate, chocolate with oranges, strawberries, or even Rosemary?

hot chocolate drink Home

hot chocolate drink tasty

white hot chocolate

marshmellow hot chocolate strawberries healthy

hot chocolate drink enjoy

hot chocolate healthy chocolate

hot chocolate Orange

chocolate his healthy berries

chocolate healthy strawberries

Rosemary white hot chocolate

Hot chocolate with shot – amaretto or red wine

amaretto hot chocolate

red wine healthy chocolate

Hot chocolate with exotic ingredients from the Orient

exotisxhe did to hot chocolate

cardamom cardamom chocolate

Chocolate with Chili!

chocolate healthy chili

chilli hot chocolate