Create True Masterpieces From Simple Coffee

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Certainly, everyone thinks that finally only to drink coffee is suitable. In the meantime, there are but so many ideas to conjure up coffee creations, that amaze even coffee professionals is that the magic of coffee elsewhere ensures amazement.

coffee iced coffee coffee coffee espresso

Alone the iced coffee is a poem

Especially in the heat of the summer, a really nice chilled iced coffee is a perfect cooling for the palate. And not only that. The body temperature cools down within a few minutes after consumption of the drink down and provides more or less as an inner air conditioner that cooling is immediately noticeable. How it works: the best and also the most delicious variation of ice coffee is to serve it with either obtain coffee and vanilla ice cream, or distribute only the ice cream and coffee, mostly espresso over ice. A shot cream and some little wafers to decorate on top of it, and already it has conjured wonderful-looking ice coffee, which also still really good cheeses,. The guests will be guaranteed this excited. Of course a good, high-quality coffee machine should not be missing for such creations and delicacies. For example, lots of different machines in the test is faced on coffee For one thing is important: the coffee doesn’t taste the flavour of ice coffee is accordingly bad. And it doesn’t have to be that now really.

coffee iced coffee of tasty ice cream

The Café Frappé is anywhere in your home

Everyone probably already cost once this creation with coffee and ice cream. If not, you should do that necessarily. The Frappé was originally established in Greece and also has its true origin. Certainly, this delicious drink is made a fixed idea of a bar owner. Especially in Cyprus, this drink is drunk every day in the summer months by locals and tourists. The preparation of the smoothies is relatively easy. Usually instant coffee is used for this purpose, because the aroma of fresh coffee is aromatic better and more popular, it is usually used. Freshly brewed coffee in the relatively high glass comes, then go down and finally foam and equipped with ice cubes. If you want, can add some milk and fresh cooling, which also still incredibly delicious taste is ready.

coffee specialities Café frappé prepared

For sleepy: Kaffeesmoothie

Yes, that’s true actually. You can create a wonderful Smoothie with coffee. Which is ideal for morning person who while sipping a cup of coffee, but feel absolutely no hunger, and again but not with an empty stomach leaving the House. You need some coffee, the man has of course previously brewed just for the production. This can be a normal coffee, but it tastes best in combination with fruit, if it’s an espresso. Is pithy and powerful, but yet delicate in taste, as soon as he is drunk with the pureed fruit in conjunction. Simply cutting espresso in the glass, a banana, some cinnamon and ice balls. The whole beautiful delicate puree, finished.

coffee smoothie prepare fresh mint leaves

Tiramisu – the classic bad out

The absolute classic Italian ice cream parlors. Ladyfingers are drizzled with espresso and watered, and layered with mascarpone cream. Up on it again some coffee and then, in the refrigerator. Also it’s a poem in the summertime. And even in the winter time and again a like selected delicacy to the coffee.

prepare coffee ice cream coffee cream coffee mugs

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