Detox Spa – What Should You Absolutely Know?

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Detox Spa – the hidden dangers and the main food in the detoxification of the body

During a detox cure it basically it arrives, to rid our body of accumulated toxins. That works for a proper diet on liver and kidneys. In the normal case, we liberate ourselves from the toxins through the individual cells. This relieves us much faster. Still we not too much burden on the above mentioned two important internal organs.

Typical symptoms include fatigue, sudden weight gain, stomach intestinal problems – constipation or feeling of heaviness, insomnia (particularly in the period between 1 and 3 in the morning.)

The accumulation of toxins can be also the reason, why you take more difficult.

At a detox, they may cure because water does not forget

Detox Spa healthy weight loss relaxation water drinking

Everything sounds great. But perhaps are there any hidden dangers in a detox Spa? Yes, they exist. And you would have to perform Spa only usually the Detox, if you are absolutely sure that your body needs them now. If you do not, then you can inflict even damage your health.

In the following we would like to you with the hidden dangers of Detox Spa make known. If you know this and at the same time to listen to your body, you are on the right track. You feel very fast, when you need Detox treatment and when they are not.

In good company is the Spa even more fun

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When can cure the Detox be harmful?

Generally, our body has a well-functioning system for detoxification. If we do not damage this extremely unhealthy diet, it can automatically release us from the most toxins. Above all we must not overdo it with alcohol, cigarettes, and extremely harmful foodstuffs.

Once we have loaded our bodies too much with toxins and other harmful substances, it is most likely too late for other measures. It may even be that we charge them even more by fasting and similar “magic ingredient”. In addition, this could affect the functioning of natural detoxification systems. After that, our body needs some time to work again properly.

Beetroot and thyme as ingredients of a delicious, healthy smoothies

Detox Spa healthy slimming beetroot thyme mountain herbs of smoothies

The diet only with tea and apples can totally ruin our immune system. Also we burden the liver thus in many cases very much.

We advise you from a Detox Spa will not turn. Rather we want to point out that you should be extremely careful. They would have to choose the appropriate version and also beware that it is not too long.

The phase after the Detox is important. A few days after that you should be very careful with the consumption of salt and fat.

Here are some foods, which should necessarily accompany you on your way to the detoxification of the body. You increase the effectiveness of Detox Spa and also promote the natural cleaning mechanisms in the body.

Prepare yourself as many times as it is freshly squeezed juices

Detox Spa healthy weight loss fruits citrus fruit juice of smoothies

Not neglect your yoga class!

Detox Spa healthy weight loss yoga practice


You should drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water per day. Beware that it’s not too cold. It’s healthy in winter nor in summer.

Green tea

Green tea is a very strong and very easily accessible detoxifier.

Fresh and clean vegetables and fruits

Cucumbers and cabbage help particularly strongly in detoxification of the body. They promote the free of toxins. Cucumber promote the hydrogenation of the organism. Herb contains a lot of fiber and water.

Combine with avocado and raw almonds

Detox Spa healthy slimming fresh salads vegetables almonds

Also all other fruits and vegetables, varieties are healthy for body detoxification.

Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and Lovage

These are spices that we should eat, if we want to rid our body of toxins.

Fresh squeezed juices

Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, especially from green vegetables are highly recommended and this is particularly strong in combination with germs.

A combination of incredibly healthy – apples and ginger

Detox Spa healthy slimming fresh juices Apple Juice ginger

Reinforced, but not excessively intensive physical activity

A natural mechanism for the body cleansing is the removal of toxins when sweating. Do not underestimate it. You can bring your body calm more through yoga or jogging in a sweat.

When we balanced feed us, we need actually no Detox Spa. Variety and good knowledge of the characteristics of the products are of fundamental importance. If it is, but as far as, to cleanse the body through a detox cure should move them not too far on an indefinite. In addition, we would recommend a visit to the doctor before the Detox Spa. These must be adapted to your personal health condition.

Care and cure your hangover!

Detox Spa healthy cat weight loss herbal tea drink

For example with Pineapple-Mint-water

Detox Spa healthy slimming Pineapple Mint water

Principle for your Detox cure – so fresh and colorful as possible!

Detox Spa healthy slimming fresh fruit juice of smoothies

Grapefruit is one of the healthiest of citrus

Detox Spa healthy slimming fresh fruit grapefruit juice

Like to experiment?

Detox Spa slimming healthy breakfast smoothies Strawberry spinach avocado

Often, drink organic goat milk!

Detox Spa healthy slimming soybean milk goat milk

Essential oils can favor the cure

Detox Spa healthy weight loss relaxation aroma therapy essential oils

Treat to more peace and relaxation!

Detox Spa healthy weight loss relaxation rest balance candles flowers

Prepare fresh skin peels itself

Detox Spa healthy slimming skin care mask Orange face peeling skin peeling

Chamomile tea with honey and lemon is of course the classic

Detox Spa healthy weight loss herbal tea drink lemon honey Camille tea

You can enrich with Kiwi green smoothies

Detox Spa healthy losing weight delicious Smoothies Grün Kiwi

Valuable olive oil is very much recommended for detoxification

Detox Spa slimming healthy olive oil olives nutrition

Especially if you take fresh salads

Detox Spa healthy slimming fresh salads prepared

More smiles and “green” live!

Detox Spa healthy slimming toxins green smoothies avocado lime asparagus

A grape diet in late summer can work wonders

Detox Spa healthy grapes slimming diet minerals vitamins

Just as the watermelon diet

Detox Spa healthy slimming watermelon fresh pressed diet healthy diet

And last but not least – the wonders of the South – Detox artichoke

Detox Spa healthy eating fresh vegetables tomato pumpkins leafy vegetables artichokes