Differences Between The Basic And Neutral PH Skin Care

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Differences between the basic and neutral PH skin care

We have heard all of the alkaline diet. It is recommended by many experts as the better way to achieve a good physical shape and a younger appearance.

The basic beauty care is its a relatively new fashion in comparison. We want to dedicate to us today this, because the right way to the appearance of desire can represent for many people it.

Tips for beautiful skin

basic skin care beautiful skin tips

We explain the features of basic skin care on the basis of a comparison. We represent the differences to the PH neutral skin care. We do this mainly for two reasons: first, on the basis of such a parallel the specifics will be clear. Also you are the basic no longer be confused with PH neutral beauty – something that happens far too often lately.

Special features of the basic skin care

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It is actually the two different theories in the beauty care. They are based on different philosophies of life and attitudes to life.

But to select a suitable variant for yourself, you should know the answers to the following questions in advance: what type of skin do you have?

Why do the skin care products have different pH levels?

basic skin care face care cosmetics products

Before more than a century, scientists have discovered that the skin has a high acid value. The pH is usually approx. 5.5, while this is about 7 of the water. This value can vary depending on age, skin type, and gender. The acid value of your skin is determined by the so-called acid mantle.

PH neutral skin care

basic skin care skin care organic SOAP

PH-neutral refers to the pursuit of a neutral, so neither acidic nor alkaline level. The pH levels typical for the skin should not radically be changed.

The normal SOAP has PH 9. The higher this value is, the face soaps use is more dry.  Until a few years ago, one was of the opinion that the acid mantle is regenerated after about an hour. Now you know, that this process takes much longer.

What is a ph neutral SOAP

basic skin care facial SOAP neutral ph

Basic skin care, it is assumed that the acid value of skin as a harmless is to look at. It is assumed, the body has the natural ability to compensate for this.

In the basic skin care of the acid value of the skin is considered harmless

basic skin care facial care face wash

He is used to it, because we consume acidic foods most of the time in everyday life.

The acids have an important function in the body. It is spread on the skin in the form of acid mantle. This environment will stop bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that are harmful to the human body.

Behind the basic skin care is also a much longer experience. For example, there is evidence that this causes no allergies. These come skin care entirely at the PH.

Face mask for flawless skin

beautiful basic skin care facial mask skin tips

The basic skin care is therefore the natural mechanisms of the body and its ability to regenerate itself. It corresponds rather to the current fashion trends in beauty care: after several decades of experience the excessive meddling in the natural processes of the body as wrong is estimated now.

Facial care and current fashion trends

basic skin care facial care face cream

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