Egg Substitute: So You Can Simply Replace Eggs

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Opportunities for the healthy egg substitute

The eggs are healthy, but often they can cause even allergies. Then you need to find a replacement, has the same nutrients, but but not sick makes us.

The ideas for egg substitute, which follow, are suitable basically for vegan and vegetarian.

7 egg alternatives

egg replacement products Cook without eggs

What causes the allergy to eggs?

The eggs are mainly made of proteins, many of these cause allergies in modern humans.

Most proteins contained in the egg yolk. Did you check for yourself whether you are allergic not only on eggs?

Must the consumption of which food be avoided with an egg allergy?

There are some foods that you should avoid if you are allergic to eggs.

Egg substitute: cooking and baking without eggs

eggs boiled eggs substitute vegan or allergy

The following products are typically:

Ready bought sweets and cakes,
Pasta products, such as pasta, containing eggs
Egg proteins,
Some types of dressing.

Normally in many other products contain eggs. You are on the safe side, if you ask or read the contents of the products before buying.

Basically, it is safer to buy less done bought food and to prepare the products themselves.

Stay away from Donuts, if you have an egg allergy

eggs Rakesh pancakes avoid vegan diet

Egg substitute

After this warning we come now to inform you, that can be used as a substitute for egg about the healthy food.

Chia seeds

The Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 acids. They support the stomach-intestinal system, contain no gluten and are a source of valuable minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese.

Pudding with Chia seeds

egg replacement Chia together pudding healthy ideas cooking food

This to replace the egg consumption, you need a tablespoon of Chia seeds and 3 tablespoons water. Mix well together and let it rest 15 minutes. Then this mix even purely visually will remind you of rough egg yolk.

Flax seed

Flax seeds have a specific taste. It’s an egg substitute, which can be used in almost all recipes. You can make different breads, pancakes and oat products.

For the preparation you need a tablespoon of flax seed flour and 3 tablespoons water. In this case, you must mix well and let rest 15 minutes.

The menu of their day can and should include flaxseeds

eggs spare linen ammen healthy cooking ideas Super food

Fruit puree

Fruit purees are wonderful alternatives to eggs from apples, plums and bananas. You can use them in the preparation of desserts.

Puree strawberries and bananas

egg substitute fruit puree strawberries banana no eggs

Vegetable purees

Kartoffel-, pumpkin and carrot purees are wonderful options for the compression of certain dishes.

Mashed potatoes and carrots

egg substitute mashed vegetables carrots

Flour made from chickpeas

You can buy flour made from chickpeas already online or in the nearest health food store. It is also a healthy alternative to the consumption of eggs.

Prepare flour made from chickpeas

egg replacement flour made from chickpeas nutrition

Oil and baking soda

You can replace the eggs with a combination of oil and baking soda. It takes two tablespoons of water, a tablespoon of oil and 2 tablespoons baking powder.

Mix oil and baking soda

egg replacement oil and baking powder mix


Also with tofu, you can successfully replace the eggs. Caution: This product can be dangerous to autoimmune diseases.

You should not only well are versed in the ways of the egg substitute, if you have allergies. This information could be important for you even if you simply want to reduce the eggs. The increased consumption of some proteins may just cause you get an allergy.

Tofu is still a healthy egg substitute

egg substitute tofu vegan diet healthy cooking

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend the following: every second time you prepare an egg product, access to a suitable replacement. Know your favorite dish in a slightly transformed variant of taste and probably achieve a balance in your body learn.

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