First Aid Skin Care Tips For Winter

What skin care you need in cold weather

Rough and dry skin all over the body, as well as brittle and chapped lips are some of these things that can bother us in the wintertime.   To overcome this problem, you need moisturizer with a higher fat content than in the summer and activities by which you increase sebum production.

Causes of rough and chapped skin

It all starts with the protection against the factors that make for a rough skin. Out there, you need to attract dresses and accessories that protect your skin from cold and wind. Within the apartment, you must distribute plants or other sources of moisture. So, you counteract the dryness caused by radiator.

If you heat at home, then hold the temperature indoors as close as possible to this out there. Large variations and temperature differences are usually the reason for dry places on the face and all over my body.

Find the right home care for winter

skin care tips winter skin care means

The winter clothing is another essential factor for the skin problems during the cold season. A sweater than another, causes more Juck – and feeling of tightness then you’re allergic to something in the first or he lets your skin breathe not. Could the material be or but’s are the dyes contained therein you not well tolerated.

Find out what you’re good and bad and then set your next purchases. Buy rather less winter clothes and accentuate the quality.

Simple rituals for beautiful skin in the winter

Protection from cold and dryness can easily work: you can take a warm bath with the appropriate cleaning agent. Those are for example the most essential oils. You strengthen the natural layer of the skin, which otherwise gets cracks in the winter due to the harmful influences.

Good skin care products for the winter include often also extracts from milk (or vegan alternatives to these), fruits and other healthy substances.

Have patience and love your skin in any season!

skin care tips homemade masks natural resources

The products are varied, the vitamins and other healthy ingredients, which you supply your skin in the winter are more different.  We need more this season, because we get them through the food in smaller quantities.

In the winter there is gentle cleansing

Avoid aggressive peels in cold seasons. Reduce your application as much as possible and use natural alternatives for dry skin, how about lemon-honey blends or masks with Waschsoda. Avoid continue to prefer the direct exhibition on flame and heat: you’re so not directly opposite the fireplace or immediately next to the radiator.

Let no conventional SOAP on your face skin

skin care tips skin care winter water

Prepare gentle facial scrubs made from natural ingredients

tips dry skin skin masks themselves make winter

Must a cosmetic product for the winter be how greasy?

Use the best cosmetics, whose Water in oil base has the right dimensions for you.  First, you need to find out how sensitive your skin is actually. There are the symptoms of that often get regular Red dry spots, then the cosmetic should contain many active ingredients.

In addition to the cosmetic products should have the right amount of fat. This should be neither too small, be still too big. You find out by a practical test.  Apply a cream on the skin: this should take about 5 minutes.  You need a skin care product with a smaller proportion of fat, and at a longer – with a larger in less time.

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedy for your skin in the winter

skin care tips facial care coconut oil masks winter

You can store more Scrubs and creams in the refrigerator

skin care tips winter care facial masks themselves make

Proper diet

Skin care tips, which relate to the proper diet, include the appropriate menu. This should be alternately in terms of vitamins and minerals. The Omega-3 containing products are a top priority.

Take time for the selection

For most people, the main care works in the cold season best with a few products that are selected with maximum caution. In consultation with a medical beautician or dermatologist is mandatory.  If you have no time for that, then should get first tester of the selected products home. According to the above criteria, try out its effect. Then, select that which is most suitable for you.

Nature took care of everything

skin care tips winter home remedies fruit vitamins minerals

Trust in their strength and wisdom

skin care tips make facial masks itself

Prepare almond facial scrub

skin care tips facial mask recipe almond

Honey and lemon – an unbeatable beauty duo

skin care tips facial honey lemon face mask

Take advantage of valuable essential oils

skin care tips facial omega 3 essential fatty acid

Let yourself be pampered!

skin care home-made face masks for winter

Medicinal herbs are particularly to recommend face masks

skin care tips make facial cream yourself

Prefer make-up from natural cosmetics

skin care tips winter facial skin care make up

Protect your skin by the matching facial and soft winter clothing

skin care tips home-made plegemittel face masks themselves make

Some of the most valuable ingredients for the skin

skin care tips winter natural resources face masks themselves make

tips dry skin winter oil brown sugar


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