“Flip” And More About The Nuts Learn Our Little Nut-lexicon

Nuts are not only tasty but also healthy!

Yet since ancient times, it speaks about the health properties of the different types of nut and emphasizes their positive effect on body and soul. According to many ancient sources, the priests in the ancient Babylon feared the outbreak of a civil uprising, therefore they inflicted upon a rather odd ban the common people: at the time it believed namely nut consumption God-like powers to be the ordinary people, so the citizens to the edible seeds could not access! The actors in ancient Greece consumed a few handfuls of nuts, however, always before their appearance to draw inspiration and to be able to better play the appropriate role.

What kind of nut tastes the best?

Today has been that nut consumption promotes the correct function of the brain and provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals proved several times already. All nuts are rich in vitamins A, E and B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is however still quite controversial, which should be the healthiest nut type among all. All nuts have various valuable ingredients!

Due to their low carbohydrate content, it may involve hazelnuts even in the strictest diet plan. In addition, they help against chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, enlargement of the prostate and vein pain. The hazelnut butter has a stress effect and prevents chronic bronchitis.

Nuts – hazelnuts have a high content of carbohydrates

nut types ´ hazelnut

Almonds contain a lot of calcium and vitamin E; the almond butter gives the skin so a special softness and freshness. The daily consumption of these nuts in combination with a cup of warm milk is recommended for digestive problems. Sweet Almonds provide normalization to high cholesterol levels, help against hyper Tonis, eye inflammation and ulcers.

Bitter almonds can endanger their high content of essential oils of our health, however, augfrund in large quantities.

Nuts – sweet almonds are considered an anti-inflammatory diet

nutty almonds types

Peanuts are rich in folic acid, which provides for the renewal of the cells in the body. Here contained natural fats help against ulcer and gastritis, improve the memory power and do well the nervous system, cardio vascular system and the liver. Raw to frequent consumption of peanuts could cause digestive problem, therefore be very careful so that and remain within the reasonable limits!
Pistachios help against inflammation of the liver, nausea, and considered to be an effective preventive against many cardiovascular diseases.
In relation to its high content of vitamin C, the walnut overhauled both the black currant and all citrus fruits. Therefore, these nuts are irreplaceable during cold or exist. In addition, they are of great benefit to people with low immunity. They strengthen the muscles and have an antibacterial effect, leading to the rapid management of bleeding and promotes the healing of injuries.
Migraine, bone disease, Avitaminosis and Angine can relieve himself through the everyday consumption of macadamia. In addition reinforces and improves the intestinal flora.

Types of nut – macadamia is proving to be a pretty healthy nut type

makadamia nut types

Some interesting and fun facts about the nuts
According to a 2001 study, nuts occupy the sixth place on the list of foods that are widely consumed in front of the TV. Then follow toasts and sandwiches!
In the middle ages, the walnuts were considered a very common medicine against headache. Höch probably this is because they pretty much the same the human brain in its form.
Two Presidents of the United States had grown peanuts for years, before they are politically engagierten-Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter!
The cashew earned a reputation to promote the reproductive ability in men and to help pregnancy nausea!
Most of the Brazilian walnuts come from… Northern Bolivia!

A few clever ideas for the proper use of the nuts in the kitchen is shown below:

Nuts – chicken with saffron, hazelnuts and honey

nut types chicken

Nuts – muffins with banana and hazelnuts are a true classic

banana nut muffin

Chocolate and hazelnuts go hand in hand

coffee chocolate hazelnut nut types

Hazelnut chocolate is popular with young and old

scokolade nut types

Is the water in the mouth converged you already?

tart hazelnut nut types

Delicious cake with hazelnuts

vanilie hazelnut superberry

Baked fish with almonds and lemon spinachfish spinach almond lemon bake

Almonds are perfect for the Breading chicken meat

panier coconut almonds

Sicilian spaghetti with tomato sauce, almonds, garlic and parsley

spagetti almonds

Everyone can prepare quickly and easily at home myself nuts – almond butter

prepare almond butter homemade

Apple Cake with almonds sprinkled

malndeln Apple Cake

French Croissant with almonds and powdered sugar are a breakfast favorite among the gourmets

nut types almond croissant

Nut types – French toast with vanilla and almonds

toast French vanilie almonds

Almonds are one ingredient in the bakery prefer

cake almond

Who doesn’t know this little sweet seduction?

chocolate almonds

Thai Curry with chicken and peanuts

thai chicken peanut

thai chicken peanut

Nuts – Kale soup with rice, peanuts and spicy pepper

kale soup peanut green cabbage

Chicken with peanuts, garlic, and Ginger Sauce on lettuce

salt peanut garlic of haenchenfleisch ingswersosse

From the cake with peanut butter, there is never enough!

peanut butter recipes

Pie peanut butter

Baked fillet of fish with pistachios, ground and hazelnuts

bread crumps lemon baked fish

pistacchiososse fish

Chicken blinds with Zucchini and pistachio stuffing

chicken zucchini pistacchio

Salmon fillet with coconut milk and pistachio rice

salmon coconut milk pistachio

Sweet rice with peach and pistachio

rice pudding pfirsicht pistachios

Pistachio cake and muffins are pretty tasty, but also very healthy!

cake pistachios

pistachio muffins

pistachio muffin

pudding pistachio nut types

Nuts – pistachio ice cream is popular around the world

pistachio ice

yummy eat pistachios

Fried chicken meat with walnuts and vegetables

Walnut nut types

Spinach with walnuts, onion and avocado

salad avocado spinach of grilled onion apfle

Waknusskekse and muffins

yummy eat Walnut

Walnut muffin

tasty Walnut

Types of nut – macadamia salad with papaya and chicken meat

nut species makadamia

Orange sprinkled with cinnamon, Halloumi cheese, rocket and macadamia

cinnamon makadamia Orange haloumni

Macadamia and vegetable in a very interesting way

salad avocado macadamia

Chocolate cake with macadamia

makadamia cake