Food Products, Which Protect Against Dirty Air

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Healthy living: food products, which protect against dirty air

Unfortunately we can’t solve the problem with the environmental and air pollution. Everything gets more and more out of control and we have to just live with the risk that we daily breathe many pollutants and toxins.  But we’re not as helpless as it appears at first glance.

If you eat healthy food, you can prevent many of the damage still, that follow from the breathing of bad air.

Fresh air scoop and as healthy living

healthy living healthy eating fresh air scoop

We have drawn up a list with Nahrungsmittelnund ingredients that will give you great help in this respect.

Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant. It spreads rapidly in your body and neutralizes free radicals. Vitamin C also contributes to the synthesis of vitamin E.

Make your daily menu so that you take at least 40 grams per day for themselves.

Food with vitamin C


Vitamin C contains a number of food products. The safest way, that you get enough of them, is that they add two lemons squeezed from to their food or water and drink the juice.

Fresh fruit juices for breakfast

healthy life vitamin c fruit juices healthy diet

Vitamin E provides first aid for damaged tissues. You self-sufficient with enough of it, if you use healthy oils for frying and cooking. Olive oil and peanuts are particularly helpful.

Vitamin E contains abundant in several species of fish, and in small quantities, basil, chili, oregano, pepper and cloves.

Foods that are rich in vitamin E

live healthy vitamin e food healthy diet

Beta carotene is also crucial for the control of inflammation in the body. It also helps for the synthesis of vitamin A.

Beta carotene is found in leafy vegetables such as cilantro, spinach, amaranth. Good sources of it are also the radishes and carrots.

Beta carotene for inflammation

healthy living healthy eating beta carotene

3 acids Omega bring virtually unlimited benefits for the human body. They strengthen our bodies and help us from the damage that comes from air pollution, to regenerate.

Abstain in various nuts, including walnuts, and flax seed. Ample sources of Omega-3 acids are the fish and the vegetables.

3 acids Omega strengthen our institutions

live healthy nutrition Omega 3 acids

And what does Ayurveda for solutions? There are a number of herbs and spices that are specially recommended for neutralizing the effects of air pollution.

Ayurvedic solutions for neutralising the impact of Luftverschmutzun

healthy living healthy eating according to ayurveda

You are on the safe side, if you like to eat turmeric. The Spice protects the lungs before the outer toxic Einfluss.Vermischen you it with ghee, so you fight the asthma.

Turmeric protects the lungs from the outer toxic influence

live healthy spices turmeric nutrition

We recommend the high-quality cane sugar jaggery. This helps you very much with liquid and dry cough.

Haritaki, along with jaggery is recommended before going to bed and in the morning you can be faster awake to.

Choose bitter sweet and artificial sour food and astringent foods before.

Cane sugar jaggery helps liquid and dry cough

healthy living sugar cane jaggery healthy diet

Make, where the air is pure sport. These are for example the closed gymnasiums or parks, gardens and of course – forests. Keep your home clean and use decoration that cleans the air – which are, for example, plants, salt lamps, and other effective means. Contribute even in everyday life to the bad emissions through an environmentally conscious way of life! Every effort counts.

Other tips: indoor plants improve the indoor climate

healthy houseplants live window freshness healthy eating

Get a salt lamp

living healthy living atmosphere salt lamp healthy diet

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