Ghee Yourself Activities The Recipe For Healthy Cooking

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ghee himself making butter from the top

Make your own ghee and take advantage of the qualities of the Golden Elixir

What is ghee?

Ghee is a kind of pure ghee or clarified butter made of whipped cream. The clarified butter has similar properties as lard. The difference is that ghee is made from cow’s milk due to traditional and religious reasons. Milk protein, milk sugar and water are separated during the clarify what makes the pure fat to a suitable food for people with lactose intolerance. Ghee was known by the Ayurvedic kitchen and medicine. In Hindu areas to use the clarified butter both externally and internally. Except as a cooking fat, the ghee in India and in Asia is used for religious rituals, body cleaning and care General. In Germany, the clarified butter of always wider application gets.

The clarified butter is 100% pure fat

ghee himself making butter title

Why should we prefer ghee?

On the contrary the lard or butter, the ghee consists of 100% pure fat. Also, the ghee is very high heat up, what keeps the cooking and frying in healthy frame. In the clarified butter does not lose their qualities.

The fatty acids remain stable up to 19o ° C and there are no free radicals that are responsible for the aging process and the emergence of some diseases.  Another important feature of Ghees, safety in the kitchen, is his quiet behavior during the cooking. Through the drainage of the fat is no spraying or burns.

Butter ghee can be heated strongly, without losing anything on health values

ghee himself making butter light

The ghee has a discreet taste and a pleasant aroma, as well as an impressive durability. All of these values, make a healthy, inexpensive and very preferred product in the kitchen the ghee. When eating, the ghee is a digest as easily.

In Ayurvedic cooking and medicine, ghee is called the Golden Elixir and panacea.

Because you have not always the ghee at the Asian grocery store, we figured out the recipe for the ghee – himself-Machen for you and want to tell the same you.

Do something good for you and make own at home to your ghee

ghee himself making butter beautiful

The production of ghee is easier than you think, but you need some time and patience. After you have tasted the result, you will notice how much it was worth.


Ever after, how much you want to, need a lot of, let’s say 1/2 kg, unsalted butter. Pay attention to the quality of the butter!

The pure butter ghee is mentioned in the Ayurvedic kitchen still Golden Elixir

ghee themselves make low fat


Leave the butter into small pieces and let that completely merge in a large pot on the hot stove. When this is done, raise the temperature and wait until the Buttermasse cooks up.  Then turn the flame on the lowest level and can continue to simmer the butter.  On the surface, white foam begins to form. It should be regularly siphoned off and removed. This is the protein. Repeat the process until no foam more. This can may take up to 2 hours, but be patient, because the gentle stir, the higher will be the quality of the butter.

The butter ghee is characterised by a good and long shelf life

ghee themselves make

The finished ghee filter through a tea strainer, coffee filters or a clean kitchen towel and thus fill clean and dry glass. After closing briefly set the glasses on the head. The resulting vacuum, you increase the durability of the valuable Ghees even more.

It can also be a very special gift for someone-healthy and homemade!

To make ghee itself, you need unsalted butter with good quality

ghee himself making butter liquid

After clearing the ghee should be filtered or finely sifted

ghee himself making butter filters

The best pouring the ghee in clean glasses

ghee himself making butter gold

For the filling, you can use a glass with practical Rotary closure

ghee himself making butter plain

more convenient to create vacuum, which extends the shelf life of even more

ghee himself making butter spoon

Congratulations! They have produced just healthy and good ghee for baking, roasting, cooking and massaging themselves

ghee himself making butter In a glass

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