Gluten-free Food: What Is Gluten And How Do You Replace It?

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Allergic to gluten? Here are some ideas for its replacement.

Gluten is in principle of traditional cuisine. But it has nevertheless proved, that many people against gluten are allergic or hypersensitive. Whether that is a modern phenomenon, or it was already the case – one can not exactly say that.

It is important that the modern kitchen gives us many opportunities to replace the gluten. Thus we achieve not only more comfortable, but we even manage to make our menu of tasty and varied.

Gluten-free diet

what is gluten gluten-free diet healthy eating tips

This article is worth also for the people who (still) no gluten intolerance. Because these can thus be avoided by we don’t overdo it with this ingredient. The list with the gluten will help you much more spare funds.

What is gluten and in which food is it?

what is where gluten gluten is in wheat rye feed barley oats

What is gluten?

Do you actually know what is gluten at all? It is a kind of protein, which is a very widely used in the food industry. Gluten is present in many traditional raw grains. These are for example wheat, rye, feed barley and oats.

The problem is that our digestive system badly handled this ingredient. For this reason, the body can develop an allergy. In our modern lives, the enzyme system by many other factors is already loaded. So, the processing of the Essmittel is already complicated.

Learn more about the foods that are gluten-free…

what is gluten gluten-free bread healthy eating tips

Symptoms of gluten allergy

Now we come to the typical complaints, which are allergy in connection with the gluten. You are usually connected to the stomach-intestinal system. The mucous membrane of thin intestines will be damaged. The enzymes in it show a weaker activity than is usual for them.

Typical symptoms include bloating, but also some more, which we do not directly connect the stomach intestine system. The allergy to gluten is also still on fatigue, obesity, skin problems, due to headache, toothache, muscles, and joints.

Pay attention to the Symptoms of gluten allergy

what is gluten gluten-free diet gluten allergy get

Allergy to intolerance

There is a difference between allergy to gluten and intolerance. If you notice the first time and begin to heal, you can avoid the second condition – the incompatibility.

Gluten-free food list

what is gluten gluten-free diet gluten-free food list

What do we mean by gluten replacement?

The term in various blogs is interpreted slightly differently in Internet articles on the subject of gluten. In some places it is recommended just the selection of suitable satellite makers. But you shall not ensure that also the useful nutrients contained in the gluten-rich products are also present.

With us, it’s different. See gluten substitute, we mean products which do not contain this protein, however, provide the products for the typical gluten-containing ingredients.

Baking with gluten-free flours

what is gluten gluten-free baking homemade bread healthy eating tips


You can use amaranth both sweet and savoury products. It also makes flour, from which you can make bread and pancakes.

Cook and bake with the Superfood amaranth

what is gluten gluten-free diet healthy diet foods amaranth


Beans are rich in vegetable proteins, and depending on the variety, they have different amount of carbohydrates. They are also an excellent gluten substitute.

All beans are gluten-free

what is gluten gluten-free food gluten-free diet beans


Buckwheat can also replace the gluten and offers also still to a lot of variety in your menu. Thus, you can make many soups and make different baked and fried foods. Did you eat buckwheat meatballs than ever? If not, then you should do it, because they are really tasty!

Buckwheat – healthy and gluten-free

what is gluten buckwheat gluten-free food gluten-free diet


Here is an offer for the fans of traditional cuisine. If you need a delicious satellite maker, which is also easy to digest and has a familiar taste, then you can access to the potatoes. You are a wonderful substitute from gluten and thus varied recipes can be prepared.

Do not under no circumstances on the traditional and delicious potato dishes

what is gluten gluten-free food gluten-free nutrition potatoes


Quinoa is one of the most modern and most popular foods. The reason why it is so popular, is among other things, their ability to replace gluten. Quinoa has a neutral taste and fits so very well with various foods.

Cooking with quinoa is quite simple. Prepare delicious salads and dishes with this gluten-free food

what is gluten gluten-free foods quinoa gluten-free diet


The lenses can effectively substitute the gluten and are still a very good source of protein. In addition to the usual soup, you can prepare also meatballs and salad so!

The delicious lentil soup is healthy than you might think

what is gluten gluten-free food gluten-free food list lenses


This bean plant has a wide application in the hospitality industry. Also many carbohydrates and other healthy ingredients are included in it. Chick peas are a great satellite maker who is also still completely gluten-free.

Do you have any chickpeas in the tag menu?

what is gluten gluten-free food list chickpeas gluten-free diet


All types of rice are gluten-free and are very healthy. We need to say nothing special about the wide use of this product, or?

The rice is still a food that contains no gluten

what is gluten gluten-free food list rice gluten-free diet


This gluten substitute can replace the Müsli breakfast and the noodles in the soup.

Millet to prepare delicious and healthy dishes

what is gluten gluten-free food list sorghum gluten-free diet

Sweet corn

Boiled, fried, or rough in salads – this is a gluten substitute, which is delicious and is widely used.

Corn is still a healthy and gluten-free grain strain

what is gluten gluten-free food list Sweet Corn gluten-free diet


This exotic and delicious plant is very common on the market and is also an ideal gluten replacement and satellite makers.

Tapioca is extracted from the cassava root

what is gluten gluten-free food list tapioca gluten-free diet

Step by step to the new gluten-free products

You may not overstrain themselves when integrating the new satellite makers, or gluten substitutes. Take things slow. First integrate the well-known products in your menu and prepare varied dining. Only then you can include slow even the exotic products.

Healthy eating gluten-free foods

what is where gluten gluten is in there healthy diet gluten-free foods

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