Guarana Powder – The Healthy Stimulant Of Amazonia

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Guarana healthy high energy powder

Interesting facts about the Guarana powder

Guarana is an exotic climber which considered a vine of type of and is found mainly in regions of Amazonia. The plant name comes from the Indian tribe of Guarani, which has cultivated the plant and used in folk medicine for centuries. The Guarana plant grows freely in the nature on the higher trees and can reach up to 12 meters height. Their foliage is lush, green and lush. The fruit is fleshy and remind eyes, amazingly, after the Red shells apart go after ripening. The Guarana powder itself is made precisely for these fruits. The ripe fruits, which look like hazelnuts, are dried and ground.

As small, curious eyes open the tire Guarana fruit one at a time

Guarana powder plant energy South America

The locals chew pieces of the dried fruit or dissolve the powder in water and drink the liquid instead of coffee. Guarana has a strong energisierende effect and a ripe fruit contains five times more caffeine than a coffee bean in the same size. Also, the plant encourages concentration and memory.

The botanical name of Guarana is Paullinia Cupana, named after the German scientist C.F.. Paullini, who discovered the plant and the Guaraní root first in the 18th century. Later, the plant was brought to Europe and is nowadays quite common. Guarana powder is not only too many drinks added, but also some fitness products and dietary supplements, because it promotes the physical performance and in addition slimming effect. Incidentally, it happens because Guarana dampens the hunger and the thirst.

The Guarana harvest requires much time and stamina

Guarana powder harvest ripe fruit plants

What actually does the Guarana and what makes them so special? Incorrectly, it is assumed that there is a substance called Guaranine. That’s not true. The plant and their ripe fruits rather especially tannins (about 12%) contain approximately 10% Proanthocyanidins, caffeine (4-6%), theophylline (0-0.25%), Theobromine (0.02 0.04%), (+) – Catechin (6%), (−) – Epicatechin (3%), saponins, starch, minerals (3-4%) and water (6-8%).

Nowadays cultivated the Guarana plant in many areas in Venezuela and Peru

Guarana powder Plangege Brazil plants

In Germany is known not only in the form of powder and capsules, but also in stimulant drinks like Kicos ® such as Guarana, as well as chocolates, jelly beans and gum. You can find these products especially in the organic markets, but also in the pharmacy or in other specialized stores. We recommend you to try especially the delicious milk chocolate with Guarana by luggage . A great choice, the power-Guarana are fruit gums of El Puente. Both products are not only super tasty, but also 100 percent fair traded and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

The dried fruits look like hazelnuts, or small chestnut

Guarana powder harvest fruit chestnut

Guarana provides you with a smart, gentle alternative to coffee. You should be careful only of course, so as not to overdo it. Guarana over-consumption can lead to unwanted side effects such as insomnia, heart palpitations, tremors, or anxiety. Particularly pregnant women and people with high blood pressure are discouraged.

So remain reasonable and enjoy the “coffee Liane” in bulk. Start the day with a warm cup of Guarana with honey or with a delicious cold drink with soy milk and remain over the whole day full of energy and zest for life!

You can prepare a Guarana-Smoothies of kind of

Guarana powder cold drinks in summer fresh mint

Respect the work of others and choose products with Guarana fair

Guarana powder harvest energy

Strange eyes fruits make up

Guarana powder harvest fruit of cups Augenförmig

The peeled Guarana fruits look like

Guarana powder harvested ripe fruit peeled

Magnificent creation of nature with great potential

Guarana powder, Paullinia Cupana plant ripe fruit red bowls

The ripe fruits look quite fun in big bunches together

Guarana powder plant fruits

Wild or cultivated you will surely refresh this plant and delight

Guarana powder of Red shells plant ripe fruit

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