Hair Care Tips: Change The Nuance Of Your Hair Without Hair Coloring

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Hair care tips directly from nature

Familiar the following situation: you want to change your hair color, but you want to break your hair with chemical cosmetic products? You certainly wonder whether there are harmless alternatives to hair coloring… Yes, this is it and let us discuss some together!

Restrictions when dyeing without artificial means

Usually, you can install the hair without artificial color in the right nuance, but by far not always. Also, there are certain restrictions with regard to the shade, which can be reached on the basis of your natural hair color. If you have thin, light hair, then you can do darker this easily up to some notes. If, however, you have dark hair with a fixed structure, then you have certainly difficulties, to illuminate them.

How exactly can we change our hair color with natural remedies?

Here, you can serve a lot inspiration from ancient tradition. Women change their hair color for many decades and this use no artificial hair.

Natural hair care tips for every hair type

hair care tips natural medium blonde hair

Light brightening

Your hair color from the dark brown to blonde, you can for example change with natural remedies. But brighter, you can already get a nuance in this way.

Recipes with kefir

The kefir contains some acidity, which makes it possible to neutralize the natural hair color.

Mix 200 g of rhubarb roots with two glasses of white wine. Let Cook this mixture for 20 minutes. Then pour it through a strainer and applying this liquid on your hair. After some time you wash your hair with lukewarm water and no shampoo.

Lemon juice

You can lighten your hair with lemon juice. On the length of your hair, apply freshly squeezed juice using a sponge. To enhance the effect, keep it a bit in the Sun.

After at least an hour, rinse your hair.

Shiny, smooth hair with lemon

hair care tips bare lemon juice

Reddish nuances

There are several natural methods for reaching reddish nuances.


You have to boil the cinnamon for 10 minutes in the water. You can mix it with honey or olive oil. Leave the mixture for 2 hours. Then apply to your hair.

Supple and warm colours

hair care tips hair color cinnamon

hair care tips hair reddish themselves make

Onion skins

Cook 50 g onion skins in 500 ml of water for about ten minutes. Then pour it through a strainer. Apply the liquid to your hair and create a natural color change to red.

Golden nuances

People with almost all skin colours are very good the Golden nuances.

You can also quite easily reach you under domestic conditions.

Natural honey

The natural honey hair mask has a very positive effect on the structure of the hair and also you can brighten your hair so.

Miracle cure honey

hair care tips hair honey blond hair means of course

Chamomile flowers

Boil 100 grams of Chamomile flowers in two glasses of water. Then, apply the mixture on the whole length of hair. Only after a few hours, you wash your hair.

Blond like Chamomile and delicate

hair care tips hair blonde dye kamilentee naturally


Also with cognac, you can get Golden nuances. You achieve the brilliance of Bernstein’s.


You need only 50 grams lime blossom, to get a good hair conditioner with erhellendem effect. Cook them in two glasses of water.

Dark shades

Do you want to do your hair in rich dark color? Here are some home remedies that can help you.

Black tea

One of the easiest methods for hair coloring is black tea. Cook some tea leaves until you get not a dark liquid. After a few minutes you can apply this to your hair. Let a few hours work and rinse with lukewarm water.

Natural hair coloring to do it yourself

hair care tips hair dark itself dye natural resources

hair care tips hair color natural resources

Beet juice

Another method for the darkening of the hair is the beet juice. You need cast it, which you put on your hair again. In this case, you must wait a few hours before you wash your hair.

Coffee grounds

You can reach nice dark shades with coffee grounds. Three or four spoonfuls can let Cook 5 minutes. For an hour or two, let’s work this mixture and rinse out.

Oak bark

Cook 5 spoon ground oak bark in a liter of water.  Let them cook for half an hour on low heat. Pour the liquid through a sieve and use it for natural hair coloring.

hair care tips hair color natural Brown long hair

Important tips

Here are some fun tips, which basically apply to hair dyed with natural colorants. So that the color will remain sustainable on the hair, wash your hair with lemon juice before. Let this effect about ten minutes on your hair.

The natural procedures have the advantage that they can be repeated several times. This means that you get a deeper color, which lasts for but.

After the procedure you should not wash the hair in the next two days, so that the paint that remains.

We wish you much success! Quiet experiment with these methods. You not harm your hair, but on the contrary: even if you achieve the desired color, your hair in any case will look healthier.

hair care tips hair yourself dye natural agents

hair care tips natural hair masks themselves make

hair care tips hair blonde natural resources

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