Have You Tried Already The Exotic Cardamom?

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cardamom aromatic healthy India green variety

Cardamom: an ancient and very healthy spice

India is the home of the cardamom amoms. There is evidence in the ancient Sanskrit texts. Cardamom feels most comfortable when the climatic conditions of its own country. It’s moist and warm. In some regions of the world the cardamom grows to over 1000 m and sometimes above 1500 m altitude. Such regions are mostly weakly inhabited and characterised by the monsoon rains.

The cardamom is considered a sign of security in Indian culture and other Asian peoples. It is used in rituals to drive evil spirits.

Used when cooking with the sleeve or powdered cardamom

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy Frisch Pulver dried

Prohibition of the cardamom from the Church in the middle ages

Cardamom was banned by the Church in addition to many other plants in the middle ages. The Vatican found him delightful sündenhaft. But often, it was chewed by the priests.

Good for the stomach

For centuries it is estimated highly the cardamom due to its beneficial effects. It helps with stomach problems, neck and head pain.

The best known are the Green and black varieties

Elettaria card Amomum Green Black variety seeds dried pods

Green and black cardamom

There are different types of cardamom cardamom. Especially the black and green cardamom are known to the common user. Now, some would argue that there is also a white variety. It’s colourless green cardamom. The black cardamom is characterized by the poorer quality.

Culinary usage

For the catering trade are millet and contained seeds of significance. Only two of them would be enough to spice the dishes beautifully. To develop their properties, they need warmth. She can come from the food.

The seeds can be burnt in a pan

aromatic cardamom healthy spice seeds dry

Cardamom in candy

The cardamom finds widespread use in the preparation of many sweets. Most such recipes come from Asia.

Meanwhile, cardamom is brought to bear but also for the finishing of many European desserts

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy baking muffins

It is especially suitable to the lamb and eggplant

There are many great recipes using cardamom. Finally we wanted to point out in this article, that it tastes especially well in combination with Eggplant and lamb meat.

Discover the delicious secrets of Indian cuisine

cardamom aromatic healthy eating Indian lamb Curry

Combine different kinds of exotic spices for a magical, exquisite taste

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic spices exotic cooking

The cardamom plant loves humidity, warm climate in India

aromatic cardamom healthy plant

Their tribes and their green fruits look like

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy plant green fruits

The flowers are white and very soft

aromatic cardamom healthy plant fruits flowers

Ensure always a small supply of them in your kitchen

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy spice green Cup seeds cooking

Breathe the cardamom pods in Jutesäckchen

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy jute bags storage

You can also remove this desire and keep only the seeds

cardamom aromatic healthy kitchen spice black seeds green sleeves

Looks like the sleeve from the inside

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy seed green sleeve

Often make your coffee with cardamom

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy coffee cooking

Oriental style especially in the afternoon, enjoy the tea

Elettaria card Amomum tea healthy drinking cooking

All three places of cardamom cardamom can be enjoyed also in the form of powder

Elettaria card Amomum aromatic healthy varieties of cardamom cardamom powder seed

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