Healthy Eating – 7 Practical Tips For A Balanced Diet

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Healthy eating

In several articles on healthy eating, we have already stressed that it is important to listen to your own body. This is only the case when body and mind are in balance.

There are a lot of suppressed emotional factors, which cause us to leave the framework of healthy eating and the balanced diet but unfortunately very often. We eat too much or too little.

What could you do?

Here are 7 simple tips for you:

Too few proteins

Sufficient proteins belong to healthy eating. Most people eat too little of these. Evaluate the quantities that you put into. Your appetite maybe is to reduce naturally, if you eat more protein.

Healthy eating provides more well-being and positive energy

proteins eat healthy meat fish eggs Berry poultry

Protein-rich dish for vegans

healthy food green beans zucchini garlic pasta protein vegetarian

Too little vegetables

Also a lot of vegetables, fruit and fiber belong to the balanced diet. Greatly affect the hormones that are responsible for the sensation of hunger.

Pay attention to nutritional balance!

healthy vitamins food trace elements bread vinegar oil

Do you have enough variety in the menu?

The boredom we’re bad in all aspects of life. Provide more variety when shopping and access to the products that you were no longer on the table. If you’re still healthy, achieve much!

It may be entirely possible that you feel no hunger feeling faster with this rule of thumb!

Treat to a rich selection of food!

healthy food fruit fruits beans, nuts seeds balanced diet

Prefer fresh fruit and vegetables and low-fat yogurt

healthy eating vegetables fruits strawberries tomatoes carrots peaches grapes milk yogurt

Eat slower

The signals from the stomach need to get a bit of time up to the brain. When slow eating one feels that’s why after a smaller portion being fed up.

A crispy salad in between is always a good idea

eat fresh vegetables cheese olives salad balanced diet

Drink more water

There are different theories as to whether you should drink water before or during the meal. But one thing is certain – water reduces appetite and helps us to be more quickly fed.

Mineral water with lemon is not only healthy, but also very refreshing

eat brunch breakfast tringen healthy water

How many people do you eat usually together?

According to some experiments, we more, eat when we are surrounded by many people. Is it right for you? Watch yourself and if this is also your case, then slightly more often eat alone or control are better when you’re with other people.

In good company, but also much better digesting

eat brunch breakfast tringen healthy water

Small portions, small plates

It is said that the size of the plate and their form have an essential role in the food. The placed one above the other food we eat faster, trimmed it… Therefore only side by side, rearrange the food at the brunch. Prefer small portions and smaller plate!

Put on Mediterranean specialties!

eat brunch breakfast slowly eat small portions

Or do you prefer something a little heartier?

eat breakfast sandwich Ham Cheese small portions

These are all factors that should be considered? Try to find out how these play a role for you. Maybe there are also others which are of great importance in your specific case.

And how about the culinary arts from Japan?

eat brunch breakfast balanced diet eat Japanese

Sushi looks not only fabulous and tasty, but it of also very healthy and never difficult lies in the stomach

healthy Japanese food brunch sushi of salmon rice fish

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