Healthy Eating: Nutrition Tips And Recipes

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Who needs bags soups & co, if he can conjure up yourself with fresh ingredients quickly something delicious? Healthy eating is not as hard as some may think. There are only some of the tips and tricks, and the transition to healthy food happens as saying.

Diet tips and recipes

healthy eating diet tips recipes onions

Healthy eating is a matter of habit

What we like is often related to our habit. We eat so often healthy things, we learn to appreciate this after some time. For this transition phase, it is helpful to realize, that a healthy diet promotes well-being and boosts performance.

Who takes up lots of fruits and vegetables and for less sugar and sweets, will feel much better with high probability already after a short time.

Raw fruit and vegetables cooked eat

The Science also describes positive effects on the well-being and State of health. Even the life expectancy increases has been proven. An Australian study on the diet, which was carried out over six years to 150,000 people, showed a negative correlation between the risk of the strut and the consumption of fruit. Depending on the participants ate more fruit, the lower the risk of death was therefore. Similar was true of vegetables. Interestingly konntenur be demonstrated the positive effect of fried or boiled vegetables. The consumption of raw vegetables showed, however, no effect on the Sterblichkeit.Damit is that vegetable meals should be the best fried, stewed or cooked enjoyed, to take advantage of the health-promoting effect.

Lower calorie intake due to higher water content

The largest share in fruits and vegetables is water. Depending on the variety, this may be between 60 to 95%. A volume is achieved through the high water content in the stomach quickly, that the body tells that it is full. Even if the saturation effect by fruit not long with a high water content, a large amount of calories can be taken as a whole not as fast to. This is especially for people who want to watch their figure important. In addition, the fiber provide a prolonged feeling of satiety. These are mainly contained in many types of vegetables. A further positive effect is the Darmreinigende effect this vegetable fiber fabrics.

Proper preparation will bring change

Often, it’s mainly on the preparation. The most boring things get an exciting, refreshing liveliness in a completely new combination. After all, the eye eats with as you know.

With a handful of ingredients and only slight variations you can create completely different dishes. This can be shown with a sample of carrots, is transferable but also to other types of vegetables. All variants of the recipe it should not exceed ten minutes and enough for two people.

Carrots provide a perfect basis for a variety of recipes, from soup to salad to various vegetable dishes and even carrot cake or muffins

eat carrots recipes healthy eating tips

Carrots salad

If you want something refreshing in the hot season, which is placed a juicy carrot salad in the heart. To do this 4-5 large carrots peeled and rubbed small with a food processor. The whole thing is also available with a hand grater, lasting longer then accordingly. The dressing is prepared in a bowl. A tasteless or slightly nutty oil is used a little lemon juice or alternatively apple cider vinegar, a pinch of salt and 1 EL Agave Dan juice. Grated carrots are given to the dressing, mixed, and pull something left.

Carrot lasagna with ginger

Who want’s something exclusive and enough is a small lunch, who can conjure up a tasty lasagna from the carrots. This peeling carrots 4-5. Then, more vertical stripes are peeled with a kitchen scraper. It is advisable always to turn the carrot a quarter turn, thus the peeled strips are about the same width. The medium-sized Strunk, who left can then be used for another court. Next, a small piece of fresh ginger is peeled and grated. Then is in a wide pot is about 1 TBSP coconut oil heated and added the grated ginger, carrot strips, and a pinch of salt. The whole thing is mixed and steamed for about five minutes. The carrot Strip must be slightly underdone.

healthy eating diet tips recipes carrot lasagna

Vegetables carrots, classic

The classic carrot vegetable has cooked ever intended one or the other at his Grandma get. Nothing requires more than carrots, oil, parsley and some salt. About three to four carrots are peeled and cut into approximately 0.5 cm thick slices. In addition, some fresh parsley on a cutting board is cut small. Alternatively dried or frozen parsley can be used, however the fresh tastes better most of the time. Then a shot is given in a wide saucepan tasteless oil and so much water that the bottom of the pot covered with water. The carrot slices and a good pinch of salt are added and steamed. After two or three minutes the parsley can be added, and the whole thing is steamed again about 3-5 minutes. The Pan must be covered all the time with some millimeters of water. In the meantime, the consistency is to check. It tastes best when the carrots are still slightly chewy.

Consciously enjoy

To enjoy his meals is part of healthy eating. Training the senses, pay attention to the taste nuances can one recognize the quality of meals and food products. In addition, slow food promotes the digestion. No sufficient preliminary digestion in the mouth takes place by fast slings. Also the mechanical crushing by chewing is often inadequate. This stomach and intestines need to work more and indigestion may occur. Also the feeling of satiety is perceived at the fast food later, whereby the caloric intake is usually higher.

Healthy eating means deliberately to eat his meals and enjoy

healthy eating: Nutrition Tips Recipes fruit and vegetables

Take advantage of the diversity

Healthy eating does not mean to have to restrict themselves to a few things. There are a number of natural foods. To deal with healthy eating means to open up a big box of other foods. Foods that are purchased in the store are often special varieties. It is focused only on a few varieties. Would all vegetables are a kind of at the grocery store, they would explode in size. Instead of a handful of tomato varieties, over 10,000 different tomato varieties would be found. If you have a garden, should consider, to plant their own varieties. Red currant tomatoes have a very intense tomato flavor. If you prefer a süßlicheres flavor, is can friends Mandarin of the tomato variety. You belongs to the yellow beef tomatoes and has a few cores suitable for recipes with stuffed tomatoes.

However, a healthy diet include not only fruit and vegetables. Meat and eggs contain many valuable body substances. Just for the need for vitamin B12, these two foods are essential and should you and land on your plate.

In his diet, who attaches importance to a wide variety, finds something probably among the following recipes:

healthy eating diet tips recipes stuffed meat tomatoes

Stuffed beef tomatoes

It this four beef tomatoes, 125 g minced meat, 1 small onion, 120 g requires grated mozzarella cheese, vegetable broth, sour cream and spices (salt, pepper, basil, chili powder).

The tomatoes, cut off the lid and carefully hollowed out the Interior. The pulp of a tomato is kept to make a sauce from it later. Then, the hollowed-out tomatoes are seasoned with salt, pepper and basil. The Onion is cut into cubes and mixed with the ground beef and half of the mozzarella. Then comes the filling in the empty tomato, on top of the remaining mozzarella is scattered. Tomatoes are given in a casserole dish and baked for 30 minutes at 200 ° C Umlauft.

As a sauce, the leftover tomato paste is crushed and brought to a boil in a saucepan with vegetable broth (about 3 Teaspoons). Then some more of the cream is mixed in.

One of the most famous rice pans dishes is the Spanish paella with seafood

healthy eating: Nutrition Tips Recipes Seafood

Rice skillet

The good thing about a rice pan is that here the vegetables can be varied more discretion. So the Court is good, what remains to recycle.

For the rice pan, two cups of basmati rice are cooked. In parallel, in a pan 200 g fried beef mince and put in a bowl on page. Then a small diced pepper, a small diced onion and 200 g halved cherry tomatoes are fried in the pan. Shortly before adding the cooked ready rice, is still a half can prepared corn, a can of kidney beans and the meat given to. The whole thing is mixed with a little ketchup, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Then the rice is added and mixed with the other ingredients.

Curry Pan

For lovers of Asian cuisine, the curries is a welcome alternative. This includes also two cups of basmati rice are cooked. 400 g diced chicken breast and 1-2 coarse diced bell pepper pieces are fried in a pan. These are then deleted with 500 ml coconut milk. 1-2 TBSP yellow curry paste from the China shop be added depending on the sharpness. The whole thing should simmer for two to five minutes to himself. The paste must have dissolved completely in, so that the focus is evenly distributed in the food. During the Köchelns, two EL are added to sugar cane. The Curry pan is submitted separately to the rice.

healthy nutrition tips eat superfoods recipes

Super foods

A new trend is in the direction of superfoods. These foods should have a high nutrient density. This they apply compared to other healthy foods a bit healthier. Even a healing effect in various diseases and ailments is said to have some. Many are now available as an additive in highly processed products. Here arises the question of how much health benefits the Super food in this form still has. Super food as a means of choice, not to compensate for the effects of unhealthy diet works. However, the normal meals can be spiced up with these foods and. Fresh pomegranate seeds in the dessert or Chia seeds in the cereals are good additions and provide additional flavour variations. At

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