Healthy Eating Plan – Important Aspects And Information In Everyday Life

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What does the water in a healthy diet plan for a role?

It may escape any of the importance of hydration of the body. The water represents 2/3 of the body weight. Every cell, every tissue and all organs need it very urgently and regularly. We need the water for the good thermal regulation, getting the joints in a very good condition and for the kidnapping of toxins from the body.

Water has a direct effect on the elasticity of the muscles. This is essential for effective training and thus also for the weight loss or achieving a very good physical shape.

The water resources in the organism be used permanently and must be refilled.

Healthy diet plan requires plenty of water to drink

healthy diet plan water mineral water bottled water

Water during the meal

How healthy is water while eating? This is really a highly controversial issue. The opinions diverge widely.

It’s customizable. You can decide what is true for you, based on the pros – and cons which we now list you. Of course we justify us even.

Pro and cons

Cold water prevents correct processing of food

Water reduce or dilute the acids in the stomach. The processing of food is slower. As a result, we can feel pain and other unpleasant symptoms. So argue its positions against the drinking of water while eating.

Healthy eating plan – often drink mint tea

healthy diet plan water tea drinking fresh mint

Other experts, however, believe the water promotes the digestion

Some experts see the water as a tool for better processing of food. You know that the food in a liquid state is processed, isn’t it?

Who might be correct?

As on many other issues, the truth is here somewhere in the middle. Water is essential for all processes in our body. The digestive system is no exception. In the following you will find some simple rules for drinking water within a healthy nutrition plan. They avoid the risks associated with water and promote the healthier effect.

Water means life

healthy diet plan water hydration healthy life

Drink more water throughout the day

The strong sense of thirst occurs while eating especially in people who have no or little water throughout the day. For this reason you should take enough of this base fluid. The more you move and are active in sports, the amount of water drunk by you must be all the greater.

20-30 minutes before meals

Independently before the General amount of water during the day, would have to make sure before dinner specifically.

Drink one to two glasses of water for 20-30 minutes before each meal

healthy diet plan water drinking water balance of healthy body sport driving

The water in small SIPs is drunk during the meal

Sometimes it is inevitable to drink water while eating. In such situations you would have to take it in small SIPs. The larger amounts are clearly unhealthy.

Hot water fits better into a healthier diet plan

Hot water is the healthier solution in all seasons. There are many reasons for this. An argument refers to the digestive system. The work of the stomach is better supported by warm water.

Here is another tip to the end – start and end your day with a glass of lukewarm water.

Try it also with a delicious herbal tea

healthy diet plan water drinking water resources green tea lemon

Or with fruit-vegetable water

healthy diet plan water lemon cucumber Orange Mint strawberries

Lemon, cucumber and Rosemary – a wonderful, healthy combination

healthy diet plan water lemon cucumber Rosemary

The fundamental importance of hydration for the body

healthy diet healthy eating plan water drinking much drinking

Prepare tasty green smoothies

healthy diet plan water green smoothies purple Tulip

Select your daily food very aware!

healthy diet plan water Gesunes dinner muffin Apple

Start your day with a healthy, abundant breakfast

healthy diet plan water breakfast oatmeal Blueberry banana

Fresh, crisp salads provide your body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements

healthy diet plan water fresh salads vegetables herbs tomatoes peppers onions olives Basil

Regularly eating fish with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids

healthy diet plan fish lemon onion Omega 3 fatty acids

Bring healthy snacks for work

healthy diet plan fresh vegetables avocado paprika lemon onion wrap

Exercise in the fresh air

healthy diet plan water drinking nature sports freshness

Remain in balance and enjoy your life!

healthy diet water freshness green grass of Blue Sky sport driving

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