Healthy Fats Provide Us With Healthy Energy

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What are healthy fats that you should eat more often?

Sufficient knowledge of fats and their role in our bodies is of fundamental importance for our healthy diet. And here is the first thing you should remember: fats do not grease! They are very different from each other. There are healthy, saturated fatty acids. They’re really good. We do not increase with the consumption of these fats. What are they and how can you integrate them best in the menu of the day: that is the subject of the following article.

What are “good”, so healthy fats?

The saturated fatty acids are called “Good”. They are divided into two more categories: these are the monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

These will be used in all life processes and for this reason they are used very quickly. This in turn causes, that they do not collect in the fat depots. On the contrary: the healthy fats may help that we take off faster.

Competently choose healthy fats

healthy fat omega 3 fatty acids red meat coconut olive oil butter of salmon

They reduce the cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. Adequate consumption of healthy fats you avoid heart and circulatory problems.

The “good” fats are generally included in herbal products.

Important: Although the saturated fats are very healthy, their use should be controlled.

As when everything else is also here: the correct measure is the healthiest. Experts advise that you take to be not more than 45 grams per day.

Light fare for more healthy energy

fat health healthy omega 3 fatty acids, salmon schrims avocado

In which products are healthy fatty acids contain?

There are a very large number of products, which are rich in fatty acids.  For example, you can Start your day with an avocado. It is rich in calories and also the so called saturated fatty acids. You avoid the increase of blood sugar by the avocado. In addition, this fruit is a very healthy source of vitamins and minerals. In the avocado there are many antioxidants. They protect the tissues in the body and thereby strengthen your health.

Nutrition experts advise to consume snacks with nuts in between. They contain generally healthy saturated fats. Each fatty acid contains also own healthy vitamins and minerals.

Prefer olive oil extra virgin

fat health healthy olives olive oil healthy food

Olive oil should be present in your menu. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown repeatedly that a regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Here is a known truth: salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This applies more or less to all fish species. This product is mandatory if you want to lose weight healthy.

The unhealthy fats

We know generally less about the healthy, than about the unhealthy fats. Let us nevertheless shortly thereafter, which are the latter and why you should avoid them.

Avoid sweets, prepared with unhealthy fats

fat health healthy sweets reduce

This fat contains basically in the products of animal origin. These are mainly meat, yogurt and other dairy products.

Therefore, a balanced diet should include as little as possible of them. Continue to avoid the consumption of fried products. I.e. don’t fry you prefer but Cook or dampen the best!

A healthy breakfast for a good start to the day

fat health healthy avocado cut up pepper

The avocado – a pure source of healthy fats

fat health healthy healthy eating avocado

Simply unbeatable in combination with pumpkin seeds and whole grain bread

fat health healthy pumpkin seeds avocado

Find healthy fats in the form of capsules, for example, in the health food store

fat health healthy avocado capsule nuts

Or take this to himself by fresh, crisp salads with olive oil

fat health healthy fresh salads Tomato Cucumber zwiebenl olive oil

You can enrich steamed vegetables with rapeseed oil

fat health healthy fresh vegetables mushrooms chia

Be responsible when choosing diet

fat health healthy ghee eggs hazelnuts walnuts avocado seed

Prepare your Müsli itself

fat health healthy cereal dry fruit seed oats

Prefer rather cold-pressed organic oils

fat health healthy olive oil rapeseed oil sunflower oil

Who says pizza can be healthy?

fat health healthy vegan pizza mushrooms olives Broccoli Tomatoes peppers

Vegan sweets are not only tasty, but also valuable and healthy

fat health healthy vegan candy nuts honey

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