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In our society today not only everyone wants to live a good life, but health and fitness are an increasingly large part of our society. We buy vegetables from the health food store, try to make sports and pay attention to our work-life balance. A fitter body and health have become an indicator of success in today’s society and thus a seeming guarantor for attractiveness and wealth. But not only how, but also that where plays a role in this context. You can live healthy and sports, but also our environment and our relationships play a significant role here. A contradiction to be sometimes seems just in the cities.

healthy living cities in Germany

Cities are the Habitat of the future

According to some forecasts, cities are the Habitat of the future.  Almost over 50 per cent of the world population live in cities, and this tendency is constantly increasing. There are huge differences in the industrialized nations and the developing countries.  While in the rich industrial Nations, the urbanization process is slow, the pace many times increases in the developing and emerging countries. The result is many tasks that still have to be dealt with. A the development of an effective infrastructure and on the other hand, a development that does justice to the people. Problems that we have less in the industrialized nations. With the shift from a pure industrial nation and society to a knowledge society, we have other possibilities and needs and a greater urge to an improved quality of life. The cities are increasingly equipped with green areas and parks. More and more attention to cleanliness and greenery, as well as better structures. Of course, there are regions that are more affected than others. Not every area has the same conditions.

In Germany, there are places that are more or less from harmful environmental influences. The following graphic shows this situation vividly

In the interactive graphics can be checked by entering the zip code exactly, how much the own environment is loaded. Certain factors, such as for example the levels of ozone or fine-dust pollution, can be displayed using the filter function.

An infographic of the BKM – Bausparkasse Mainz. More information at

The structure of cities changes

As efficiently as possible to make the life of a city, more and more measures be taken to allow for a better life. New urban landscapes are always popular keyword urban gardening or organic architecture. The return of the gardens in the city provide not only a greater affinity for nature, but they reinforce the social coexistence and also have effects on the social fabric of a city’s area. The community and the “common making” comes first. So is tried at the same time anonymity in a city to counteract.

Also the development of alternative energy sources and technological innovation can increase the quality of life for humans and the environment. There is talk here of an improvement of the urban health environments. The emerging challenges of an ever-growing population and the drastically changing human habitats in attack should be taken with the help of new approaches and sustainable technological development.

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