Healthy Living: The Most Important Facts About The Dehydration Of The Body

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Healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water!

There are many tips and articles on healthy living. However, all the effort leads to no good results if you drink not enough water. On the contrary: the outcome from the dehydration is really serious. We want to indicate today especially they, and not on the benefits of drinking water. If you find out it can be as bad for your body if he gets enough water, then you are much more motivated perhaps to water consumption.

What it actually means to drink too little water?

The rule of thumb is that a person per kilogram weight takes 30 ml of water. This is the usual standard in everyday life. If you move more, it can be that the required water quantity is answered on the day. In this latter case, you should drink more water. Rely on your feeling, and drink as much water as you want.

However, the above rule does not apply for all people. People with obesity need less water, calculated according to their body weight, compared to people with normal body weight. However, we would recommend in such cases that you consult a doctor can be. Dehydration of the body is bad, but too much water is also not healthy. Age and gender are also important when you determine the daily quantity of water.

Water is life!

live healthy drinking water hydratierung

Type of diet

If you eat good enough, that is, for example, eat lots of vegetables and fruit, you’d get 30% of the necessary amount of water on the day of the food. This proportion increases when you eat soups and juices, and drink. An increased salt consumption leads to the dehydration.

Sweating and physical activity

Did you know that women have more sweat glands than men? Yes, but the men sweat more, what is associated with hormonal characteristics. You lose accordingly much more water. The physical exercises can cause the dehydration, if you take enough water to. Too much may not be but that so there is a danger of too much stress the kidneys. After your workout, you should drink about a half liter of water. This is sufficient for the regeneration and is not unnecessary burden on your body.

Prepare healthy summer drinks!

healthy living dehydration water drink summer beverage citrus

Signs of dehydration

With a good sense of your own body and this basic knowledge you should reach usually a balance. What you need to do in addition is to pay attention to the signs of dangerous dehydration. These are following:


Of course, the thirst is the clearest and most obvious sign of dehydration of the body. You must never neglect and wait too long, until you have a drink.

Lemon and fresh mint are perfect ingredients for your summer water

healthy living water dehydration drink fruit water lemon Mint

Dark urine

If you have dark urine, then this could be back on dehydration and overheating. So okay, drink much more water.

Dry mucous membranes

Also, dry mucous membranes is a sure sign that you are suffering from dehydration.

Train themselves in it, to give your body enough water. If you reach a balance, so neither too much nor too little to take, it will be only good for your health.

We wish you a great and healthy summer!

healthy living dehydration drink water

Drink regularly freshly squeezed juices!

healthy living water dehydration drink freshly squeezed juices

Try it also with Chia seeds, strawberries and lemon in the water

healthy living dehydration drink water fruits lemon chia seed

Combine fun and enjoy the summer

healthy living dehydration water healthy beverages themselves make detox recipes

And how about cucumbers, lime and mint leaves?

healthy living dehydration drink water cucumber lime Mint

Coconut water is the last time

healthy living water dehydration coconut water

Ginger is also one of the healthiest water additives

healthy living water dehydration ginger drink lemon

Drink always enough water, especially in the summer

healthy living dehydration drink water man

Kiwi, strawberries and Mint – also not a bad idea

healthy living water dehydration drink Mint kiwi Strawberry

Soon water melon season is back

healthy living water dehydration watermelon of detox recipes

Take as often as possible fresh fruit and vegetables to be

healthy living dehydration drink water fruits vegetables salad

Water promotes the generation process of the body

dehydration living healthy sports drink water drive

Always ensure the optimal hydrogenation of the organism

healthy living dehydration really drink water sports drive

Healthy teas offer you a lot of delicious liquid and well-being

healthy living water drink tea mate

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