Healthy Nutrition For Children – Useful Tips

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Useful tips for the nutrition of children aged 1-3 years

Let’s start our article with some important hints and. This post refers to children aged 1-3 years. Up to the age of 2 years, different products must be avoided. Are usually following: eggs, cocoa, honey, strawberries, peanuts. The reason for this is that these products could cause allergies in infants. Young mothers can start but carefully at this age with some of the foods mentioned, if your child shows no intolerance of those. This must be done carefully and step by step.

In this article, we want to help you love to teach the child the proper habits for its good food. Everything we write, General information. They are not always valid.

Healthy eating for children

healthy balanced menu diet for children

Who eats small broccoli and plenty of fresh vegetables, healthy growing up

healthy nutrition for children fresh vegetables broccoli


That many children until 9 years can cause allergies is one of the products, eggs. If you notice, however, that this is not the case with your child, you can integrate these in its menu.

You are a very good alternative for breakfast. The eggs are healthy due to the vitamins and that are contained in the yolk vitamin D.

Boiled eggs for breakfast for children and adults

healthy food for children eggs for breakfast

Some children refuse to eat egg yolks. There are several ways you can outsmart the little ones. You can stir the egg yolks in a soup, or smear it on a slice of bread.

The eggs keep children longer sated. The quail eggs are a very good model for more. However, you must not believe that your children can eat much of it. You are real calorie bombs!

Quail eggs are highly recommended for the children’s menu

healthy nutrition for children quail eggs cooked

Oat flakes

The oatmeal are rich in ballast fibres and are a great option for us as well as for the children. They support digestion, make tired and give us a lot of energy. You help us to focus better on our everyday routines and to focus on our work.

Oats promote digestion and make fast satellite

healthy nutrition for children oatmeal with fruit for breakfast


The fruits are a further obligatory component of each children’s menus. They contain lots of vitamins and fiber. If you would do a classification of the healthiest fruit for the children, then these 3 guide the list: apples, Kiwi, raspberries.

They have many antioxidants, are very healthy for diabetes and heart disease. The fresh fruit to improve also the ability to think.

Fruits contain lots of vitamins and dietary fiber

healthy nutrition for children eat lots of fruit

Snack or dessert food fresh fruit

healthy nutrition for children fruit red apples

Nuts (especially walnuts and almonds)

The nuts are a good source of healthy fats. The kids need particularly much of it as they grow. The nuts promote heart function.

Healthy snacking nuts

healthy nutrition for children, nuts and almonds


Milk is due to the large amount of protein and calcium and well known. It may be that your child will drink no milk. Don’t worry – yogurt has the same properties and against that most children react not dismissive.

Yogurt contains many healthy bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dairy products are rich in protein and calcium

milk healthy nutrition for children regularly drink


The tomatoes are an important product for the healthy nutrition of children. Cooked their properties are still healthier than in rough condition.

Fresh tomato taste very delicious

healthy nutrition for children vegetables tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes from the garden to the boat

healthy nutrition for children Chrerry tomatoes aius the garden


Cabbage is crisp and can taste good so the child. The slightly sweetish taste so to speak helps. Thanks to herb consumption and cut off the toxins from the body and thus free themselves the good enzymes.

Yet a vegetable that tastes good children

healthy food for kids cabbage salad for toddlers


When it comes to fish, salmon is the first which you should begin. He must occupy its special place in every children’s menu. In the salmon contain omega 3 acids, their healthy properties already we all know enough.

A healthy children’s menu should include also salmon dishes

healthy nutrition for children laughing salmon dishes with asparagus


The last product we today want to recommend you for the children’s menu, is the Basil. This herbal plant will surprise you with their good qualities. Basil is full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K. Still, much of iron, potassium, and calcium is contained in the Basil. It helps you to improve the stomach-intestinal system.

Basil – a very healthy plant

healthy food for children Basil herb garden

The variety of healthy products is great, but you should start with the more traditional diet for your children. Her small can then further develop its taste with age itself, by trying out different dishes and drinks. Respect your children’s own taste and leave them yet not too much space. Rather, the little ones should be somewhat hungry than that they eat what is clearly unhealthy.

Create funny characters that stimulate the appetite of children

healthy eating for kids fun ideas Bunny carrots

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