How Healthy Is Green Coffee Really?

Green coffee – pros and cons

And, to us, still a sound trend in the United States has been in Europe. For some time, reads and hears more and more of the green coffee. This is but actually not a new drink, but really quite literally from the seeds of the Evergreen coffee shrub Coffea, which originally from is native to the Highlands of Ethiopia and Sudan and has conquered the whole world. We all know the coffee especially in its roasted variant, with his irresistible, sensual aroma and distinctive taste. Green coffee, we find much contrast, no intense aroma and a bitter taste. Thereby, the nutrients but are fully and completely preserved and the caffeine content is much lower than that of roasted coffee.

Green coffee comes from the coffee plant Coffea

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And how it looks more closely at the ingredients of green coffee?

The most important of which are: alkaloids like caffeine and Trigonelline, proteins such as amino acids, lipids, enzymes, minerals, carbohydrates, volatile flavourings, acids and polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid. And exactly that is also what the green coffee as a supplement.

This acid is awarded to especially strong lipolytic effects in the body. Chlorogenic acid which inhibits the uptake of glucose into the blood and therefore suppresses the increase in blood glucose levels after meals. Thus, it reduces the fat formation in the body resulting in the significant decline in body fat content.

Green, unroasted coffee beans

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Don’t worry! The unroasted beans must not simply as raw chew or swallow. Green coffee is distributed normally in the form of powder and capsules. Find it in the most organic food shops and health food stores.

According to the opinion of some American and Indian food scientists, the health-promoting effects far exceed the risks. Norwegian scientists warn, however, against side effects as well as generally in the consumption of other caffeine products. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid itself should have negative effect on the nervous system, cause even cardio vascular diseases, because these two substances increase the levels of homocysteine in the blood. So, caution is definitely here!

Coffee beans on the shrub

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Leave from experienced dieticians or medical specialist consult so be sure before taking green coffee capsules. Make sure when purchasing on a high percentage of active ingredient (min. 60%). Combine with good diet and more exercise and movement. There are already many products with green coffee on the market and the choice is more difficult. I guess! That’s why we we looked around a bit for you and read many reports and tests. So we came across Slimsona. Here not only the value for money. This product is completely manufactured in Germany and is 100% natural.

Green coffee is most often ingested in this form

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Many coffee shops provide also green coffee

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A great feeling of lightness

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Support weight loss through nutrition

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Enjoy your success!

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