How You Can Still Enjoy When Removing: Snack Ideas With Pleasure

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Who wants to lose weight, is often highly motivated – and suffers. Diets are associated with abandonment. After all, it comes to losing weight, and what is delicious, can be to most people. Who want to lose weight, must eat less so once, and then other things. Everything that is rich in carbohydrates and fat, should be avoided for example. Thus the most snacks from the menu are gone: chips, chocolate, Pralines, bread sticks and the most fruit have simply too many carbohydrates. Fixed meals, it looks similar to sad: noodles, rice, French fries, fruit and all coatings must be avoided. Most sauces are rich in carbohydrates. And then much haven’t left. There’s delicious recipes for main meals, low in carbohydrates, rich in protein and fiber, in appropriate cookbooks and on the Internet. But what about the small snacks?


Take Off: When the small hunger comes…

must he be satisfied. Of course. And since lettuce leaves and dry chicken breast little help: hunger is hunger, and hunger causes stress. Stress in turn represents the success of weight-loss program in doubt. It must be so healthy snacks on hand that are sugar-free, low carbohydrate and low in fat.

The well known Quark (light as a cloud) from the refrigerated section is omitted there that is laced with lots of sugar. What goes well, however, are all fresh cut-up vegetables. And you are really tasty with some tricks:

Cucumber benefits of dill. There must be no whole salad dressing, plucked a few leaves into the yogurt and cucumber slices are very tasty.
Tomatoes like cheese. Scalloped or not is not that important: hard cheese like Parmesan or Grana padano giving in tiny quantities much taste. CheeseHere is the snack seasoning is tomato. Do not confuse! With mozzarella and a little balsamic vinegar, the tomato do well also.
Cottage cheese is a good juice makers without carbohydrates, low in fat and high in protein. With fresh herbs or some vegetables, either a handful of raspberries or redcurrants, he is not only delicious, but seductive.
Turkey Breast is low in fat. She can come as cold cuts from the refrigerated section, dry, FRY, and come in strips in the lunch box in the Office. Who manufactures the chicken strips itself, should remove the skin before roasting, because that is again very fattening. Even a whole meal it is lightly seasoned with green salad, raw vegetables, or papaya (exotic).
Papaya is an exception among all types of fruit. It has less sugar than most other fruit and is thus carbohydrate-poor. Papaya tastes good as a salad made with lean meat or fish, and of course just so. Who wants flavor: sharp fits well, papaya come together in the Caribbean cuisine with cumin, allspice, cardamom, pepper and PIRI-PIRI.


Why are snacks so important?

Who want to lose weight, should do that anyway. As a nutrition, which is experienced as suffering, is not permanent. The stress associated with the permanent waiver not does the body good. In addition, that a program is useful only if it is accompanied by a permanent change of diet, to avoid the effect of João. In this context, the nutrition circle of the DGE was explicitly recommended in the sense of a varied and healthy diet. Snacks are important, so that people feel comfortable. In addition, that you should reward yourself from time to time yourself. Completed for the hang, the good will, many work, the sport or just. Rewards make sure that dopamine is released, and it is addictive. The snack when the diet is so useful in multiple ways: it has psychological, biological and even about the hormone effect.

Enjoy food and value

A problem of nowadays is that there are often simply lack of time. Food has become incidental, it will read in the newspaper, working, so simply times alongside done in front of the TV or in front of the computer. Already our children’s diets is unfortunately of God often affected by these faults and bad habits. It is no longer valued. Carefully prepared meals that require both thinking power and some time and do, are another matter entirely. who cooked his meals and snacks by hand, eat differently. It is eaten more consciously, thoughts are at dinner, and it is eaten mostly less.


Nutrition: Fewer calories, no carbohydrates

Not only the sense of a change of diet is to eat other foods, but also in the renewed appreciation of food. The carbohydrates are so reduced in two ways: the selection of food and the amount actually eaten. Protein, vitamins and minerals may not be reduced, by the way, because that could have serious health consequences. Low-carb take a way, generally a “weighty role” food when removing – à la longue they promote fat burning, because the body must rely on other sources of energy.

Otherwise not to neglect: vitamins and minerals. They are required to maintain basic body functions, and protein is used as satellite makers. Also the body in a reduction of energy intake, often seeks to build muscles, so as to acquire additional energy.

If you take enough protein to himself, which prevents. Who now heed the above tips on weightloss snacks, can achieve both: enjoyment and success on the scale.

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