Important Sources Of Protein Do You Know

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Animal food sources of protein

Do you know which are the best sources of protein?

It is a widely known fact that protein for our health essential. But we get enough? To do this, we can choose the healthiest sources?

Protein is very important. Protein works perfectly on our organism. It is divided into the organism into amino acids blocks. This is done in the digestive system. The amino acids blocks process the hormones, support their good function, repair the damaged cells and generate such new.

Despite the great discussions about the healthy amounts of protein there is agreement about the following: proteins must form a part of our everyday menus. For this reason, we need all the basic knowledge about the best protein sources. Well, here they are!

Do not forget that you always balanced should eat

Food pyramid turn into pie chart against white background


Let’s start with the most famous source of proteins. This is of course the meat. Meat contains the important B-complex of vitamins. We need as many of them as possible, so that the metabolism in our body works well. Without vitamins the body cannot convert the proteins into energy.

Try to buy only organic meat products

Protein sources meat products fish dairy eggs

Red meat such as lamb, is a wonderful source of iron and zinc. Other species contain lean protein. This comes from the poultry meat. This type of meat is good, if you get too many calories from other products on the same day.

Seafood and fish

Whether it is the delicious salmon or tuna or but to the seafood, all of these are wonderful sources of protein. They provide proteins in combination with the valuable Omega-3 acids. Don’t forget to include other valuable products such as trout, redfish and Squid in your menu.

Choose this seafood which you like most.

Add them to your daily diet

Sources of protein milk meat fish cooking


With a small egg, they provide 6 grams protein. Most proteins are located in the egg whites. Nevertheless you should not allow from the egg yolks. There, micro-nutrients such as choline are included, which are for the structure and the behaviour of fundamental importance.

Eggs and dairy products are an important source of protein for vegetarians

Sources of protein dairy products cheese meat eggs


A cup of yogurt pur abstain 11 grams protein and is healthy!


Milk, both the common and the vegan alternatives offer a large amount of protein. The largest share is in the usual and the soybean Variant. About 8 times less proteins contain the rice and almond milk.

People with lactose intolerance should avoid of course the animal milk

Sources of protein milk meat soy cheese


Just due to the large content of protein, soy is essential for vegans and vegetarians. But what is the problem and why can soy does not completely replace the meat? All types of animal protein sources have different amino acids. That is not the case with the plant sources.

The key to good health is therefore in this case all the more in the variety

Sources of vegetable protein soy beans

Also note that the various soy products offer a different proportion of proteins.

Learn more about the sources of protein in our second article on this topic!

All beans are an excellent source of protein, which is also completely healthy

Variety of legumes in bowls and glasses, arranged on kitchen table

Select mainly lean meats while cooking

Steamy hot Mexican Beef Fajitas

Green beans are worth even less in terms of protein

Sources of protein, vegetable, healthy green beans

Often consume valuable nuts such as almonds

Healthy sources of protein herbal almonds

Quinoa is not only tasty but also full of proteins

Vegan sources of protein quinoa seeds

Blend trail mix of fresh nuts and dry fruits together

Protein sources trail mix nuts dry fruits

Prepare weekly delicious stews and soups with lentils

Red lentils 2

Christmas time is also nut time

Sources of protein vegetarian healthy nuts

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