Is Coffee Healthy?

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Can coffee drinkers continue to enjoy carefree your favourite drink?

It’s one of these questions we often ask ourselves and don’t really perceive as a question, but rather than sensation and habit, and especially as a seduction… Because coffee is actually a delicious beverage that everyone is talking about is literally. Coffee has definitely captured the whole world and no one can refute this fact. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all people should be coffee drinkers. The coffee drinkers who would also continue to enjoy their favorite beverage without remorse, but can be relieved by now, because – Yes! Coffee is actually healthy. Recently, a serious scientific study has found the positive effects of coffee and proved. It’s more long since no secret that the ancient drink is not only an enjoyable stimulant, but contains many more valuable substances and substances other than caffeine. Of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as more than 800 flavouring substances which are not yet known exactly for the most part are the major to example phytochemicals like polyphenols, many antioxidants, minerals -. All of these components of the coffee affect human health very soothing and promotes.

Healthy enjoyment and bewitching aroma

is coffee healthy coffee espresso organic coffee beans antioxidants

Nevertheless, we must not blindly take everything at face value, but remain a little critical and be sure what quality of coffee drinking actually. An important aspect of coffee drinking is the organic quality that would be preferable, because often unfortunately conventional coffee is contaminated with pesticides and fungi.

To keep the coffee really healthy, one should avoid the conventional, finished coffees from the kiosk or Café shop already. Namely a lot sugar and preservatives, that could harm not only our health, but also our figure into this. If you noticed all these aspects and of course don’t exaggerate with the quantity of coffee, (3-4 cups are coffee per day for healthy people quite alright) you can take to this wonderful food with a clear conscience.

And so the whole thing gets also the last healthy touches, you can enrich the coffee with some natural additives. These have a positive effect, known since thousands of years and will complete your favorite drink healthy and tasteful.

Coffee kisses ginger

coffee Mocha coffee is healthy Ginger

In particular we recommend:

Cinnamon: in the cold season a soothing warmth, regulates also the blood sugar levels
Cocoa powder (unsweetened): lowers blood pressure and provides for an extra helping of antioxidants
Coconut milk: not only delicious, but good for your immune system and metabolism
Ginger: refreshing, antiviral and antibacterial effect – perfect for the winter
Cardamom: exotic aroma and aphrodisiac properties, protects the stomach and prevents from bad breath
Mastic resin – Mediterranean taste, strong anti fungi Elle and disinfecting effect

You can add these ingredients just directly to the coffee after you have brewed it fresh or even during the brewing itself.

Enjoy your coffee with pleasure and stay healthy!

coffee coffee beans coffee is healthy organic breakfast tomato avocado orange juice

A nice drink from the Orient

is coffee healthy coffee gourmet cafe of mastic resin Turkish spezialitaet

The nutty flavor of the pumpkin fits excellent for coffee

is coffee healthy coffee espresso organic quality multi grain bread cake kurbis

Be together and enjoy a quiet coffee hour

is coffee healthy coffee beans coffee health coffee beans antioxidants minerals

A magnificent dose of antioxidants

coffee is coffee healthy coffee hot chocolate cinnamon cocoa beans anise

Benefit from the healthy cocoa beans!

is coffee healthy coffee beans espresso beans bitter substances antioxidants

Cardamom gives an especially exotic flavor your coffee

is coffee healthy coffee espresso of cardamom antioxidantien

Refine your coffees with banana and vanilla!

is coffee healthy coffee of smoothies vanilla banana

Cinnamon will warm beautiful in the cold season from inside

is coffee healthy coffee cinnamon coffee porcelain

Of course, you can enter the desired spices to the iced coffee

coffee is healthy Italian coffee pot espresso ice coffee cardamom cardamom

Introduce a little exoticism in your everyday life!

coffee is healthy coffee Ginger

The perfect start to the day

is coffee antioxidantien healthy coffee drinkers caffeine

Unsweetened coconut milk to healthy round

is coffee healthy coconut milchkafee coconut

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