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The role of the Culinary herbs in our everyday lives

The herbs give intense spicy aroma and distinctive taste our culinary masterpieces. You may thus also don’t overdo it, but remain within the reasonable limits – the spices need to emphasize the taste of cooked food and improve, without being intrusive. The herbs used in everyday life can systematize itself into two large groups (manchte occur at the same time in the two categories):

Spices to flavour of the dishes – nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, basil, cumin, oregano, Spearmint, vanilla, garlic, dill, parsley, bay leaf, etc.
Spices that enhance the taste–salt, sugar, pepper, onion, garlic, celery, horseradish, parsnip, etc.
Herbs and their properties

herbs grow

You should add the fresh herbs to the appropriate court immediately after cooking or just before serving; You should access to the dried spices, however, shortly before the end of the cooking time. To prepare a delicious meal with health-giving properties, you should use as little salt when cooking.

Taste the food in the cooking time and you serve it hot, because only then unfolded the Court be whole aroma and intense flavor. The herbs have a positive and health effect on our body and provide us live longer and genussreicheres!

The fresh parsley is suitable for almost all dishes and is very rich in vitamins C and B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It whet our appetite, supplies the tired body with the necessary vital energy and promotes digestion.

Culinary herbs – parsley is good for our health

herbs Cook eat

Only in the 19th century dill was Europe spread and grown, although this spice long before it was known to the Romans and Greeks. Most, it occurs in combination with pickles or fish; Dill has a stress effect on us and helps fight insomnia, stomach disorders, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Dill can be stored in the freezer and occasionally use

spices dill

Rosemary is known – in the old yet since the time of the Pharaohs the world Egypt believed that it brings the living happiness while the dead ensures eternal peace in the afterlife. Since the middle ages, he is regarded as the herb of the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire Aphrodite. The Rosemary is mentioned as symbol of love the freshly in love couples in many folk songs in Western Europe, in addition, he is simply irreplaceable in the kitchen! Fried fish without Rosemary is unimaginable for the Italians – they add him but also different soups, spaghetti, sauces and meat dishes. He stimulates the circulation bath!

Culinary herbs – fresh rosemary from our own organic garden

Rosemary herbs

The Basil is known as the King of spice – in the middle ages the presenting of a bouquet of Basil was an invitation to lovemaking! It fits almost all dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, in particular but to tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, fish and vegetable soups. The Basil accelerates the metabolism, calms us and helps fight colds and nasal congestion.

The Basil reveals the real taste of Mediterranean cuisine


Thyme fits perfectly with minced meat, beef and pork, fish and egg dishes. Because of its many aromatic essential oils, he is known as the soul of the refined cuisine . In addition, this spice contains many organic acids, tanning, mineral salts and vitamin C, which help in particular against headaches, coughing and stomach ulcer.

Fresh, tasty and healthy at the same time

thyme herbs

Oregano – tart and slightly peppery taste is highly appreciated in the Italian and Greek cuisine, because: he makes it perfect for soups, spaghetti, tomato sauces, pizza and meat dishes the spice. In combination with Basil and black pepper, it flatters the palate and raises new sensations of the sense of taste.

Oregano can be both fresh as dried consume

oregano kuechenkraueter

The intensive aroma of mint highlights the exquisite taste of the meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Chewing fresh leaves ensures our fresh and pure breath!

Mint is characterized by a strong, pleasant smell


With Marjoram flavored the Greeks the wine, because they regarded this spices as a stimulant and stimulus during lovemaking! Fried potatoes, meatballs, and especially liver sausage would have long since lost their unique flavor without Marjoram!

Liver sausage without Marjoram simply doesn’t work!

kitchen Marjoram

Some interesting facts about the culinary herbs
Saffron and vanilla are the two most expensive spices in the world that immediately follows cardamom. Cardamom can spice up both black coffee and coffee specialities, various liqueurs and sweet pastries. Also fits perfectly to soups, sauces, meatballs and rice dishes by he the traditional flavor adds a touch extravagance and exoticism.
White, black and green pepper comes from the same plant – the Indian Piper nigrum. The corresponding color is after picking due to the degree of maturity of fruit and the processing of the spice. The red pepper is produced, however, from a completely different plant!
The allspice or even pimento was first bred in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. As the Spaniards brought this aromatic spice to Europe, they mistook’s strong similarity there only with pepper. For this reason, his name in most European languages from the Spanish word for pepper “pimienta” is marked!

The aroma of the Kardomoms rips into you in a whirl of new sensual sensations


Pepper is a direct part of the culinary specialities


Have you noticed the similarity to the black pepper Piment -?


Just create your own organic garden and enjoy the fresh herbs in the spring

herbs grow organic garden

The herbs can be breed is also in flower pots on the windowsill

herbs healthy varieties

Parsley is healthy and is suitable for almost all dishes

fresh parsley

Some interesting cooking ideas – parsley sauce for grilled salmon

peterlisie sauce herbs preparation

Parsley pesto meat dishes

parsley sauce

Spaghetti with garlic and parsley

spaghetti pesto parsley

The soup add fresh parsley just before serving

parsley soup

Culinary herbs – tasty salad with lettuce, avocado and dill

avocado lettuce dill

Sandwich with chickpea, cucumber and dill

cucumber dill sandwich

Dill with cucumbers – a classic combination

dill salad spring

cucumber salad dill

Culinary herbs – salmon can be perfect season with dill

dill fish

dill of salmon

Culinary herbs – roasted potatoes with Rosemary

rosemary potatoes

Combine Rosemary with fish or meat and get a unique taste

Rosemary fish delicious food

Rosemary haenchenfleisch

Rosemary lamb

Combine mozzarella and Basil can be best with tomatoes herbs-

salad Basil

Tomato mozzarella basil herbs

Basil of pesto-tasty

Basil recipes

spaghetti Basil

Culinary herbs – thyme emphasizes the taste of the dishes

spaghetti thyme


A classic combination in Italian and Greek cuisine is culinary herbs – oregano with Eggplant

Basil oregano Eggplant

Oregano chicken meat serving or the pizza sprinkle immediately after baking so that

haenchenfleisch oregano

eating oregano pizza

Culinary herbs – mint ice cream is popular with young and old

mint ice

What do you prefer: sandwich with asparagus, cucumber and Mint or bamboo with tofu and Mint?

asparagus of ricotta coin

tofu salad Mint

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