Learn More About The Tofu Nutrition Facts!

What is tofu, and where did he come from?

Tofu is a cheese-like food prepared from soy beans, which menu fits perfectly to the vegan and that’s why in recent years increasingly gaining importance. The food is produced by adding different Kontaminate of warm soy milk – normally used mainly the Japanese derived from sea water coagulant nigari. Calcium sulfate, vinegar or citric acid are other possibilities. Still 200 BC enjoyed tofu of a sizable interest in China. Although his whole history through the centuries has been lost, its origin according to a Chinese legend is a pure coincidence. A Chinese cook wanted to give his soybean puree a strong flavour and intense aroma, therefore he added nigari him – this way he discovered the now famous tofu! The tofu from the Japnischen gets his name -to stands for soybeans, while Fu cheese means.

Tofu and its characteristics

What do you know about the tofu nutrition facts

Tofu is pretty rich in manganese, calcium, copper, potassium and phosphorus, and also contains folic acid, magnesium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. 100 g. tofu provide our organism with 76 g. Calories, 85 g. Water and 13 g. Protein. The herein isoflavones have antioxidant and anticarcinogenic effects, as a result of the tofu strengthens our immune system and protects us from many diseases.

Also soothes the stomach problems the soy cheese and improves the intestinal flora.

Thanks to its numerous health-giving properties of regular tofu consumption in particular for adolescents and pregnant women is quite recommended. Also, it provides for lowering cholesterol levels, because it is quite nutritious and poor at the same time to fats and carbohydrates. But, the consumption of tofu is strictly prohibited when problems with the endocrine gland! Feeding babies tofu is allowed after the eighth month, because newborns digest the proteins more slowly. You must consider also the numerous studies carried out in recent years, according to which the soy products endanger the fertility in men. The Lords should therefore either forgo tofu completely or remain within the reasonable limits!

Tofu nutrition facts – the application of soy cheese in the kitchen

prepare the ma po tofu and eat

In Chinese cuisine, takes you to the tofu in the preparation of different traditional soups and combines it with different kinds of vegetables, meat and fish. One of the most popular dishes comes from the province of Sichuan and is called Mapo doufu or still Mapo tofu – a spicy food with chilli, Szechuan pepper, pork or veal mince and tofu! Due to its soft soy cheese crumbles fairly easily, so adding it most of the time at the end of the cooking time or before crispy fry it in butter. With tofu, different desserts can be prepared normally you watering it with sweet fruit sauce for a delicious taste, in addition you could it creamy rühen with the mixer and use as filling delicious puddings or even cheese cake.

Tofu nutrition facts – first fry the soy cheese in a pan with butter…

prepare crispy tofu in the Pan

…und then mix it with the other ingredients and stir gently

How to prepare tofu salad

Tofu nutrition facts – tofu can also Grill up

Grilled tofu for a unique taste

Although it is strange, in Mexico but enjoys eating grilled tofu with chocolate covered

baked tofu with chocolate of Mexican style

Tofu nutrition facts – the tasty tofu salad with Qunoa, red onion, beans, tomatoes and Meis fits perfectly into the vegan meal plan

combination with tomato tofu nutrition facts

Tofu salad with broccoli, spinach and yellow peppers

toffu and broccoli salad

Tofu can be also with cucumber, radishes and carrots combine

tofu with vegetables as salad

Organic spaghetti with tofu for a unique taste

tifu food and healthy living

toffu and vegetables spaghetti

nutritious and healthy food

Vegan Burrito with tofu and vegetables

vegan burrito with tofu and vegetables

Schmechelt tofu with tomato sauce, Ruccola and parsley the palate

tofu with tomato sauce

Spicy tacos with soy cheese, tomatoes, spinach and sweet potatoes

tacos with spicy tofu and sweet potatoes

Tofu with curry of Indian style

tofu nutrition tofu with curry of Indian style

Tofu with chives on Quinoa as a favorite and easy dish

tofu nutrition facts on quinoa and vegetables

Tofu with spinach for a double dose of iron

combine tofu with spinach

A nourishing spring Court

tofu is good to combine with potatoes

Tofu healthy nutrition – vegetable tofu kebabs

impale with tofu and zucchini rice

In our gallery you will find more tasty tofu recipes!

Tofu with asparagus and soy sauce is a dish popular in the Asian

Asparagus Salad with tofu for a healthy living

oberginen grilled vegetables with tofu

North African food with tofu and vegetables okra

tofu to eat healthy and live

Räuchern tofu Chinese speciality

bread sandwiches with tofu

suese chilli sauce with crispy tofu

tofu naerwerte and delicious recipes

tofu koreanian style with sesame garlic onion and chilli

how you can best prepare tofu

tofu dessert consumption

tofu with fruits