Lose Belly Fat – It Can Be Not So Difficult!

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The truth about belly fat and getting rid of its

Belly fat is not only ugly, but it can be dangerous to your health. Know you enough about how it formed and how you get rid of it? In the following, we gathered some basic information on the basis of which you can review.

Abdominal fat is more dangerous than fat in other areas, where we just as easily take to

Not a rumor at all, but the truth is that fat belly is more dangerous than this on other body parts. You can develop as a result of diabetes and heart disease. Make special effort to remove just at this point.

There are many factors that are to be observed

The excess accumulations of fat on the stomach can be caused by many different factors. Low-fat diet is not the only variant to take off in this area of the body. Genetics, diet and age play all at the same time an important role. You must be aware of the role of this in your case so you can take the right measures.

Lose belly fat can be fun

lose belly fat lose weight healthy nutrition in sport

Alcohol is really bad, if you want to lose belly fat

We hear conflicting opinions on this subject, but usually this is exactly the case. The consequences of the calories in the alcohol can be seen mostly at the belly fat. While there are people who drink a lot and still not increase, but they are rather exceptions and usually they have to thank this fact of their genetics.

But alcohol may be not the only cause for the increase in the abdominal area.

There are fats that stay longer in the region of the abdomen than others…

It’s a scientifically proven fact.  Trans fats are those which are easiest on the stomach. It is particularly serious because that spreads the fat from here to the lower parts of the body. That’s why foods such as pasta, margarine, candy and Fast Food are especially bad for you.

Underestimate not the green tea

Enough green tea and you can burn fat faster. Combine this drink with sports exercises, in order to achieve a better effect. Blueberries are also a proven effective for getting rid of the belly fat. Also soy can help much further for fighting belly fat.

Green tea contains many antioxidants

lose belly fat lose weight green drink healthy tea

Why is Fast Food so bad?

The you eat more Fast Food, the harder they get away the belly fat. This is a widely known fact, but why is that really so? There are many reasons: Fast Food contains very many calories, is cooked in hot fat, and it contains a vast amount of trans fats.

To take off in the belly, you need many ballast fibre

The ballast fibers are a great help, if you want to get rid of your bulging belly. Promote your metabolism and that get to feel in this part of the body first.

Drink every morning freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted with water

lose belly fat lemon eat healthy live

Popcorn can be very good for picking up on the belly

Popcorn can be very good for picking up the belly if you of course do not prepare it with too much fat. It is one of the whole grain food!

In men, belly fat is faster than the women

Before they turn 40, most women tend to gain belly fat on the butt and thighs. Belly fat comes after the usual eating disorders 40. That is not the case with men: they tend mainly to the belly fat.

Staying fit with the right kind of sport

lose belly fat lose weight jogging cardio men women

Osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia are possible consequences

The first argument for many people who want to lose belly fat, is that they want to look more beautiful. But it is not the main reason. You may like your body and accept as it is. The problem is that this can lead to many other diseases. These include dementia, osteoporosis and heart disease.

The good news: Getting rid of the belly fat is no more difficult than on other sites

Don’t think that losing the belly fat is more difficult than picking up on other body parts. Not really: This is the first place where you remember whether to or remove. If you live healthy and exercise regularly, you will see the first results on the belly.

See and feel the difference

lose belly fat lose weight healthy women live

Remove fat through cardio exercises

The specific abdominal exercises help to streamline the area around the stomach. Does not automatically lead to weight loss. What you need to do is especially much to move and perform many cardio training.

Jogging makes even more fun together

lose belly fat jogging sports women run

The correct AB exercises to learn and regularly use

lose belly fat take off belly exercises sports gymnastics

lose belly fat healthy abdominal exercises live

Yoga is also definitely to healthy weight loss

belly fat losing yoga practice healthy living

Then you can tolerate a meditative pause with Matcha tea

lose belly fat take off matcha tea drink

Healthy, low-calorie Smoothies are of course also very recommended

lose belly fat remove fruit vegetable smoothies

Sauerkraut is one of the most famous foods that promote weight loss

lose belly fat lose weight sauerkraut healthy

Eggs are also on the belly fat losing very well suited

lose belly fat remove eggs eat zinc proteins

A healthy breakfast with fresh fruit or vegetables, and whole grain bread is so

belly fat averlieren healthy breakfast egg bread rucola

Eat slim and healthy with apples!

lose belly fat healthy living fruit eat

And generally looking for a balanced, low-calorie diet

belly-fat healthy foods lose nutrition

The desired result is determined

lose belly fat healthy take off sport

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