Manuka Honey: The Healthiest Temptation Since There’s Honey

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Thousands of years ago, one uses the beneficial effects of various herbs, healing elixirs and important minerals that give the nature. Partly pure herbal, harvested from rocks and Earth, or the fruits and trees, different essences with the simplest tools created from them, as the anointing of healing from injury to help, or even to the body do something good to be able. The harvesting of fruits was to get this with the simplest form of delicious and healthy food. To be able to contact the manufacture of elixirs and essences of plant extracts and it eventually, practiced not only medicine men. Women made their own knowledge about the healing properties of different mixtures and helped many people with specific application to relief of different symptoms and disease symptoms.

It served many peoples of especially the healing power of honey. Its beneficial effects is considered for the human organism still proved. Whether as a dietary supplement, for embalming in ancient Egypt, to sweeten food or as a healing ointment on wound infections and much more. Honey Manuka relating these positive properties is still regarded as the King of the honeys.

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The story of honey in ancient times

The healing power of honey is unique and its effect for thousands. The age Egyptians, which was at the time much cultivated and more advanced than all other known peoples, use honey not only for embalming their dead, because honey was thanks to its preservative properties very well. You süßten their food with the precious elixir, the busy worker bees for their breeding and rearing in the hive collected daily. But what is even more interesting that the Egyptians in ancient times knew how healing is the effect of honey in wound infection and other diseases. Further information about the special high-quality Manuka here finds out honey, for example, and its beneficial effects.

The evidence for the application of honey in diseases, old Papyrus, the so-called delivered a 3600 “Papyrus Ebers”, with a collection of countless diseases and their medical treatment methods, the Georg Ebers in 1872 purchased in Thebes and Leipzig gave the University Library. The special feature of this Papyrus is that 500 different recipes with honey for tinctures and ointments are listed. The burden of proof that honey has been applied already in this time a kind of secret weapon from the nature against a wide range of ailments. The sweetness of honey was used not only as a small delicacy as a dietary supplement, but rather his extraordinary healing powers, which was at that time, especially in wound healing and relief of pain, of great importance.

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Manuka honey is the King of honeys

Even today, or better said, especially at the present time, man increasingly appreciates the positive properties of herbs, elixirs and plants from nature and remembers its healing effect. Chemistry thighs, which are used too quickly at the lowest disease and conditions, lead to many side effects and also the formation of dangerous resistance to more frequent application. That’s why find natural supplements such as honey, more and more appeal. The King of the valuable honeys is clearly the Manuka honey. Thanks to its amazing essence and concentration of countless ingredients, it is applied quite particularly like to promote variety of wound healing process. And also here the indigenous people and tribes have’s illusions. The Manuka honey is harvested exclusively in New Zealand. The natives of the island nation in the South Pacific to use it for a very long time. And that this special honey antiseptic and antioxidant effect thanks to its ingredients and this leads to faster wound healing, is scientifically proven. There are now sufficient studies on Manuka honey on the learn the net all alone.

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The applications of Manuka honey are very diverse

Honey helps Manuka, thanks to its high concentration of Methylgloxal against bacteria and fungal diseases. But he shows its soothing effect also viral diseases. In diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract he has soothing and healing effect. Particularly in infections in the mouth and throat, treatment with Manuka honey showed very positive results. The concentration of the active substance Methylgloxal is to find honey significantly higher than at other types of honey with Manuka. That’s what makes him so very effective in infections and co. In diabetic foot syndrome, for example, the treatment results are extremely positive. The wound healing process was accelerated and restricted the subsequent scarring. This honey into account is drawn as alternative healing infections, or after chemotherapy. Burns also shows the Manuka honey a soothing effect and always more than an alternative form of treatment will be adopted and applied. Even large and renowned clinics use the power of this natural product in the treatment of various diseases and caused and reported extraordinary successes. The Bonn University Hospital, for example, uses honey the Manuka wound healing on their paediatric wards. Always necessary antibiotic treatments resulted in many hospitals that certain germ mutated, changed, and are resistant to any antibiotic. A nightmare for any hospital, and especially for each patient. The University Clinic in Bonn realized this and fights among other things exactly this negative chain reaction with a natural Blackjack: the Manuka honey. Australian researchers found that his ingredient of Methylglyoxal is not only high, but can kill off the dreaded hospital germs, the MRSA germ.

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That’s what matters when buying honey:

The MGO content of honey, so the Methylglyoxalgehalt, must be clearly legible in any case and declared recognizable on the glass. The higher this value, the more effective is the honey. A good Manuka honey should a MGO content of at least 400 exhibit. The origin of the honey must be also very clear and it is made exclusively from the flower nectar of the South Sea Myrtle. Except that the honey with excessive consumption is very sweet, he has no side effects at all. On the contrary. Taking a small teaspoon of honey daily, leaves him just dissolve in your mouth, enjoying his extraordinary taste and swallows him then, are not only mouth and throat antibacterial supplied, but also the whole digestive tract from the esophagus to the colon, will enjoy of this exceptional honey soothing and healing.

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