Matcha Tea – Green Tea According To Japanese Tradition

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Matcha tea and key benefits for your health

The Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. From there, also the Matcha tea came to us to Europe. Infinitely many healthy properties are attributed to this drink.

The preparation of Matcha green tea is an art in itself. After the leaves are collected by the Matcha plants, they are to the ferment filed. Then they are dried and stored for a period of time in a cool storage area.

Matcha tea is to a large extent in the monasteries which made Zen monks. It is believed that they have to owe their health and longevity this tea.

Matcha tea effects

Matcha tea effect healthy eating tips Matcha candy

From Matcha Cook not only tea, you can bake even cake

Matcha tea effect healthy nutrition tips Matcha prepare cupcakes

Anti-aging effect

Like all other green teas, the Matcha tea has also antioxidant properties. Studies have found that a tea cup of Matcha contains ten times more healthy ingredients than usual tea varieties.

The longevity of the inhabitants of the city of Okinawa in Japan is attributed to this, which are known for their great longevity.

Matcha tea preparation

Matcha tea preparation and effect of tea

Matcha tea is prepared with a Matcha broom in a small bowl

Matcha tea making healthy eating tipsMatcha tea making healthy eating tips

Detox effect

A few weeks before the harvest, the Matcha are shielded plants. It promotes the production of chlorophyll in the growing leaves. As a result, the Matcha tea gets its vibrant green color. Chlorophyll gives continue this plant strong Detox properties.

The Matcha drink purifies the blood and increases the alkalinity of the body. Thanks to chlorophyll, heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body are kidnapped.

An ancient Japanese ritual

Matcha tea making healthy eating tips tea types

Matcha has a detoxifying effect

Matcha tea preparation of tea healthy ideas

Prevention against cancer

Catechin is a chemoprotektiver agent. This means that he can prevent the formation of bösartigenTumorzellen. The risk of cancer in the following organs is reduces to the minimum: bladder, prostate, chest.

Weight reduction

In the Matcha tea, there are hardly any calories. It also contains many ingredients that promote the oxidation of the body fat. The consumption of the Matcha tea improves the metabolism and thus you burn calories more quickly than usual. In other words – as a result of Matcha tea consumer you can lose weight faster and easier.

Matcha contains theophylline tea – this is a special form of caffeine.

Matcha – a healthy makers from Japan

Matcha tea effect Matcha powder tea species healthy living

The healthy miracle drink is prepared quickly and easily

Matcha buy tea and prepare healthy eating tips

This tea improves our energy and endurance

According to historical evidence, the Samurai fighters Matcha drank tea as part of its preparation for battles. Its ingredients promote the function of the adrenal glands and keep the hormones at an optimum level.

The energy which you get by Matcha tea is much stronger and continued to as them in the coffee. Extends for almost six hours.

Banana milkshake with Matcha

Matcha tea effect healthy eating tips Matcha Smoothie

Mental relaxation

The Zen Buddhist tea during prolonged meditations Matcha. That is six times more L-Theanine as in usual tea is that the anti-anxiolytic effect is stronger. It promotes the alpha waves in the brain, and thus feel relaxation and a feeling of inner harmony.

Stronger immunity

All together, the already crippled antioxidants have the ability to promote your immune system very much. The Matcha tea has antibiotic effect. It also helps to limit the attack HIV cells against healthy cells.

Tea of ginger, lemon and Matcha

Matcha tea effect cold tea with ginger, lemon and Matcha

Stomach and bowel health

The Matcha tea stops several functions which can affect our stomach and intestinal health. The regular consumption of this tea can be viewed as a prophylactic against cancer.

Enjoy a cup of green tea

Matcha tea effect tea drink healthy eating tips

Lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels

There is already evidence that we can reduce the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in regular drinking of Matcha tea. There are no precise explanation as to why this happens, but you can expect quite this effect.

Matcha tea preparation refreshment with Matcha

The drinking of Matcha tea is a cultural heritage

Ultimately, the drinking of Matcha tea can be considered as a cultural tradition. It connects people from different cultures and eras and is therefore be regarded as an intellectual experience.

Banana pineapple Smoothie with some Matcha powder

Matcha Matcha Smoothie effect banana pineapple

Delicious and healthy Matcha cake

Matcha effect healthy eating tips Matcha cake

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