Miracle Drink Mate Tea – Discover The Exotic Stimulant From South America!

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mate tea healthy beverage calabash gourd Bombilla Bomba

Is mate tea also healthy?

Too sleepy? Too little energy? Yes, it’s cloudy and covered there. The Sun is currently becoming increasingly rare. The winter is about nature and our mind. If you want to stay but not totally indifferent here, you can undertake something with an exotic stimulant like the mate tea. This type of tea is known in this country for quite some time and in some people already bring popular Ziem. Even come to enjoy of its pleasant, energisierenden effect, hardly anyone wants to give it. But also healthy is mate tea it to?

Mate or mati comes from the Quechua language and means the drinking of tea is drunk from the actually. This vessel is traditionally made from a gourd art and gourd is called. Then, the precious liquid is drunk with the so called Bombilla. It’s a blade with sieve which consists either of metal or bamboo. You will find the accessories for mate tea in many different designs from simple to very luxurious variants. So, you can choose the right tea set for its natural stimulant to his own liking. Thus also the pleasure of drinking tea is even more intense and the whole thing gets the form of ritual that brings a lot of joy and relaxation.

Mate tea – dried ground leaves

Mate tea healthy beverage stimulant Argentina Brazil Yerba

Already the native of South America, where the mate shrub is native, knew how to appreciate the health-giving properties of the Matetees. Mate is actually one of the medicinal plants and is marketed in the pharmacies in Germany. Of course you will find the tea also in all specialist tea shops, most of the shops and also in many large department stores. Lately, some new scene drinks have emerged such as such as club-mate, quickly gained in popularity.

The green leaves of the mate Bush contain a variety of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidant ingredients. The most important of which are: caffeine, Theobromine, essential oil, tannic acid, chlorophyll, Vanillin, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, minerals, flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, saponins, Caffeoyl Chinasäuren, inositol and Trigonelline. That’s why it is not strange that this drink strengthens the entire immune system and has a beneficial effect on the organism. Mate tea is considered healthy stimulant, which is also diuretic and welding training. He PEPs up the metabolism to trot and thereby promotes fat burning.

Precious ingredients and premium enjoyment

mate tea healthy beverage drinking stimulant Bombilla

And why should I drink mate tea instead of coffee? You wonder that now, isn’t it? Of course, it is not said that you completely deny the enjoyment of coffee. The secret of the Matetees hidden but in the way how the caffeine in the body will be donated. The tea infusion that happens when namely differently than at the coffee – slower and more natural. So, concentration and learning performance be promoted without any side effects.

And despite its healthy effects of mate tea not in mass, but in mass should be enjoyed. Consult also necessarily by a doctor of you trust, if you suffer from a particular disease or take medicines regularly. Otherwise have fun drinking and stay healthy!

An extra mate tea tip of fair trade:

Online order tea and drink sets of El Puente .

Get your special drinking set and let yourself be good there

mate tea healthy beverage calabash Bombilla tradition stimulant energy

The mate Bush likes it warm and relatively humid

mate tea healthy beverage calabash Bombilla mate shrub

The dried leaves are often mixed with flowers, herbs and dried fruit

mate tea beverages healthy drink calabash Bombilla tea blend orange flowers herbs

You can also simply enjoy mate tea with lemon and honey

mate tea drinking healthy stimulant lemon honey

Feel the soothing power of nature!

mate tea healthy beverage calabash Bombilla natural stimulant vitamins

There are also wooden calabashes that look very elegant and are very comfortable to drink

mate tea healthy beverage Bombilla tea traditional stimulant

The traditional are however made of hollowed-out Flaschenkürbissen

mate tea healthy tea drinking gourd Bombilla relax stimulant

A noble Bombilla that completes the drinking set

mate tea healthy beverage Bombilla metal stainless steel stimulant

Make mate tea to an integral part of your everyday life!

mate tea healthy beverage Silverglance container Bombilla

And invite friends to be home more often! To the mate tea drinking!

mate tea healthy beverage preparation energy stimulant

You can find also on flea markets chic mate drinking sets

mate tea drinking healthy stimulant Bombilla Bomba calabash

Create your very special tea ceremony!

Mate tea drinking healthy stimulant energy Yerba national drinks Argentina

In South America, even the kids enjoy the healthy drink

mate tea drinking healthy stimulant children milk

So many delicious smoothies can be prepared

mate tea drinking healthy banana maca Yerba Smoothie vanilla dates

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