Natural Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

Natural remedies for puffy eyes

You also suffer from swollen eyes?  Although you are an unpleasant symptom, but is by no means something that you could not overcome.  At best, you should reduce the stress and at the same time try not to catch a cold. This is not always as we want to show ourselves in good shape, we should have some fast-acting remedy.

Some remedies for puffy eyes are already in your cupboard.

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Home remedies for puffy eyes

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Tips for relaxing eyes and a beautiful eyes

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Tea bags

Tea bags are a cheap and effective remedy for puffy eyes. You have surely you at home!  Boil some water and put some tea bags for about a minute into it. After that you should keep the tea bags in the refrigerator briefly.  As soon as it’s safe, that they do not burn themselves so that, you can put down on your eyes.

Tea bags are a cheap and effective means

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Cold spoon

Treatment with cold spoons is another way for the overcoming of the swollen eyes. This method is also very simple: insert the spoon for a few minutes in cold water, repeat from them after that and place them on your eyes.

Treatment with cold spoons

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Treatment with eggs

Eggs can be applied externally to many health purposes. Beat the egg white until a dense mass. Distribute them around your eyes and wait for a cotton-like texture is formed.  Soak for about 20 minutes and then wash your eyes with cold water.

Protein helps to relieve swollen eyelids

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Treatment with cold water

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and therefore should apply unnecessarily different means. Usually helps just cold water. Now you should wash as usual plenty your face with water, with focus especially on the eye area.

Refreshment with cold water

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Surely you know the legends about skin care with milk Cleopatra and many other legendary beauties in ancient times. The beneficial effects of the milk can be felt especially on the face and it is quite suitable for the sensitive area of the eyes.

Skin care milk

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Healthy living prevent puffy eyes

All these resources are helpful, but they counteract the symptoms and not the causes of swollen eyes. You need to change your lifestyle so that you avoid the problem as such. Try to sleep at night, but not too late to get up up. Eat less salt, so not as much water remains in your fat tissue. Include still much movement or at least some exercises into your daily routine, which improve blood circulation.

Healthy sleep

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Enjoy extended stays in areas of the spa and swimming pools, which provide you relaxation for the skin and hair through the soothing touch with water.

Can relax!

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