New Year, New Food: Healthy Living And Re-energize!

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Healthy living: the trends in the year 2017

Health trends? That at the beginning of perhaps a bit quirky sounds, or? We get very many health tips in the last few years.  They come from the so-called traditional, but also from alternative medicine. What is right or wrong for one, is individually – is a possible conclusion.

This is also the reason why there are sometimes contradictory tips and ideas.

We must try out a lot and make a choice that is adapted to your needs.

But keep calm!   There are many different paths that lead to good health.  And like in every area with many different tendencies, there are also here something like a fashion. What health tips are so the trendiest for 2017? Find this in the next few lines!

Healthy living made easy

live healthy winter soup recipe

Healthy living with soup diets

There are a number of original soup diets, which became popular in the last few years. But somehow you paid insufficient attention to where. This year, they are a hot trend. The soup diets are very suitable both for the winter, so also for the summer.

In both cases, they provide a good hydration. In the winter, the soups are a great way to consume more vegetables and thus vitamins and other valuable substances. In summer you can access different cold types, which cool down and tired.

The soups are also a great way to reduce meat consumption to small quantities: it takes only a small piece of it so the food Gets a special taste. This is a health and ethical intent by more and more people.

Tomato soup for the winter

live healthy winter soup tomato soup recipe

Living healthy in cold weather

pumpkin soup coconut milk live healthy winter soup recipe

Known Super food in new forms

The complicated recipes withdraw anything.  For such are becoming popular, providing individual products with a positive effect in the time-proven for the consumers.  The following are some examples for this.

Healthy living butter with avocado

The avocado butter is preferred more often this cocoa. She has proven in recent years than the more universal butter with various complaints. Avocado butter helps fight high blood pressure, arthritis and psoriasis.

Healthy living with avocado

live healthy avocado butter eat superfood

With avocado butter, you can prepare many tasty specialties

healthy living recipes avocado butter

Black garlic

We all know the garlic, but how many times you’ve eaten his black version? Black garlic is not so popular, because its taste is more intrusive than this by the white.  But for this it contains more antioxidants. That’s why he is in the trend for several years and it is 2017 even clearer.

Healthy living with black garlic

healthy living black garlic superfood

A remarkable spice

healthy living black garlic eat superfood

You can give the black garlic on many dishes to

healthy living black garlic tomato salad superfood

Dragon fruit

According to Google people all over the world are becoming more and more interested in the Dragon fruit. This will be a hot trend in the year 2017. Dragon fruit is highly appreciated in particular due to the high content of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Healthy living with exotic fruits

healthy living vegan eat Dragon fruit superfood

The Dragon fruit is definitely one of the healthiest Super foods par excellence

healthy living Dragon fruit of superfood recipes

Delicious cheese cake with Dragon fruit

healthy living cheesecakes recipe

Healthy living: maca, maca powder

It’s a type of tuber vegetables from Peru.  The healthy product is sold primarily in the form of powder. Are expected to be more popular than the Matcha tea for 2017.

The Maca powder gives a lot of energy, positively influences the passion of love and fertility. It is also rich in vitamins C, B, D and E, iron, copper and potassium. You can quickly provide your body with fatty acids and amino acids.

Maca powder to prepare delicious smoothies!

healthy living smoothie caramel maca superfood

You can take also for breakfast to maca

healthy living maca smoothie breakfast superfood

A real miracle cure from the Andes

healthy living superfood, maca powder

Vegan ice cream

The vegan culture occupies an ever larger share of our market. There are more and more healthy and tasty products of this kind, and so many of us feel more motivated to reduce the amount of meat. The Vegan ice cream is considered an absolute hit for the summer 2017.

Vegan snack: Healthy living and enjoy

healthy living Vegan ice cardamom recipes

Try out the delicious recipes for Vegan ice cream

healthy living Vegan ice recipes

Vegan food, i.e. be too creative!

eat healthy superfoods Vegan ice recipes coconut

Garden tea as aroma therapy

The garden tea plant to clean the atmosphere at home and provide positive energy, so you can live too healthy. It also has a decorative and therapeutic effect. This year he is also super in. The garden tea enrols colour perfectly in the current trends of the PANTONE Institute, has declared the color greenery for the color trend of the year 2017.

Discover the versatility of Sage!

healthy living Sage aroma therapy

Enjoy a delicious Sage tea alone

healthy living Sage tea aroma therapy

Or try with easy recipes and healthy living

Sage living healthy recipes spinach ravioli

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