Regularly Drink Vegetable Juices And Healthy Living

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Healthy life with more vegetable juices in the menu – part 2

We have given you the benefit of a range of healthy juices in the first part. We have already shown on green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and Gurkensaftgeschrieben, and the benefits for our health in their consumption. We continue now with two other kinds of vegetable juice. We dedicate this somewhat more attention because they are just very healthy. They will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You want to live healthy? Draw strength from nature!

live healthy vegetable juice beetroot juice nutrition


If you drink regularly red beet juice, you do clearly living a healthy life. This juice promotes the formation of red blood cells in the blood. It’s about the so-called red blood cells. This is the best means for the improvement of the blood. In the vitamins contain В1, В2, В3, and many more are С.

The most important ingredient in the Red beet is Betaine. That is a substance, which is similar to the vitamins, but to find in any other type of vegetable. The Red beetroot juice is good for those who want to strengthen the own muscle endurance.

Red beetroot juice protects against free radicals and against cardiovascular problems. The recommended dose is half a glass.

Freshly pressed red beetroot juice

live healthy vegetable juice beetroot juice

A healthy elixir for your body

healthy living beetroot juice drink

Real celery

The true celery is a very healthy crop. She can be consumed in the form of vegetable juice. Unfortunately very few people know that. While this drink tastes very good many people.

There’s a unique combination of phytochemicals and vitamins C and B. They have a strongly encouraging effect and this especially in the summer heat. The effect is not as short as distinct from that of the energy drinks. The regular consumption of celery juice improve your memory and protect themselves against dementia.

Celery is very good juice. Have you tried it already?

live healthy celery juice healthy fresh juices

These are just a few of the many examples of healthy vegetable juices! You can also experiment with many others. By appropriate mixtures you can find also a balance in taste, you maybe don’t like like.

Healthy vegetable juice at home regularly prepare and drink

healthy lifestyle fresh juices vegetable juice nutrition

Carrots and tomato juice strongly dominate in the healthy drinks and let them work other vegetables of less intrusive in their taste.

Delicious tomato juice

healthy lifestyle fresh juices tomato juice nutrition

Similar like this from ripe fruit, you should enjoy the vegetable juices, directly after pressing out. Their healthy ingredients are lost quickly if they are not immediately drunk. Only the Red beetroot juice makes an exception. This should be 2 hours prior to the consumer in the fridge.

Warning: Drink the juices too often and not in large quantities! You can replace your usual balanced diet.

Vegetable juices enjoy immediately after pressing

live healthy fresh juices healthy eating carrot juice

Only the Red beetroot juice should be approximately 2 hours prior to the consumer in the fridge

healthy living beetroot juice delicious and healthy vegetable juice

Vegetable juice made from cucumber, parsley and spinach

live healthy green vegetable juices cucumber parsley spinach

After lust mix vegetables

live healthy celery juice healthy eating beetroot juice

Grapefruit juice for breakfast

healthy living healthy eating refreshing drinks

Soft drinks in the summer – watermelon juicehealthy living water melon juice healthy fresh juices

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