Run Is Healthy!

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Several studies have shown a worrying circumstance in recent years: more than half of German adults is overweight. And also in the children not only the numbers are increasing. The main reason is wrong and unhealthy diet and lack of exercise plays a role should not be underestimated.

The reasons for this are obvious: as an employee, you spend often throughout the day before the PC. The shopping on the way home is done with the car, and back home to sit down on the couch. Time or opportunity for plenty of exercise not – remains basic enough, actively to do something for yourself and your health as often.

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Effects of lack of exercise

Because even if you remain spared of obesity and its complications such as diabetes and even cancer, physical inactivity has fatal effect on your body.

By long–and often wrong–sitting muscles or lose a first. Resulting tensions lead to headaches, because the brain can no longer sufficiently with oxygen.

Lack of exercise swimming sports

The cardio vascular system is weakened too little movement. As blood pressure increases, and increases the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

Of course this never have happened overnight; rather, it is a slow process, and remember often only then, when it’s too late that something is wrong.

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More exercise can do wonders

For this reason, it is very important that you give your body adequate exercise. Experts recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day. If you already do this, you can find out with this online tool.

The easiest way to prevent diseases by means of movement, is sport. It provides a high calorie and strengthens the muscles, as well as important other bodily functions.

Whether swimming, jogging, cycling, or a team sport at the Club – the offer is incredibly large, so that definitely, you will find a sport that makes you fun. Your body will thank you.

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Move more in everyday life

In addition to the specific training, there are several ways to get more exercise but also in everyday life:

If you work in the Office on the PC, you should change your seating position regularly. You sure know it from personal experience: If you remain for a long time in a position that it is connected to getting up with pain. By so-called dynamic sitting, you avoid these harbingers of worse diseases – and of course the illness itself.
Also, it is very helpful if you take shorter routes not by car, but by bike or on foot behind him. A classic example is the shopping: cars are to let small errands, can cause miracles. The same applies to pick up your children from the kindergarten. If you do this with the wheel, you will feel better soon. And when the young is old enough to yourself also to cycle, he can have fun again properly on the way home.
A change in your leisure time can also help you get adequate exercise. It must be not always sport – but take something else on the weekend times. A hiking tour, a long walk or a bike ride are not only fun, it also positively affect your health from Cropped view of two runners jogging on the beach #-jogging healthy sports of lack of movement

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