Serotonin, Dopamine And… How Does Our Happiness? -an Infographic

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Dopamine, serotonin and endorphin – the most important hormones of happiness per se

Which is the biochemistry of happiness and how can we promote this? Especially now in the dark season many of us tend to inertia and lack of energy, what is actually produced normal to a certain point by nature. It is but not to say that we we should settle it, because you can feel comfortable in every season and have cheerful mood. It is on the one hand a matter of setting and on the other hand some “happiness chemicals”. There is already no longer a secret, that namely the so-called happy hormones for our feelings of happiness in large masses are responsible. Serotonin, dopamine, endorphin are called the three hormones that adds atmosphere and stimulating effect on us. See how closely the whole process of creation and distribution of the “messengers of happiness” in the brain, below on the basis of the detailed information graphic.

dopamine Amin serotonin endorphin messengers of hormones of happiness

It is of course very exciting to learn, what happens in the brain when we are happy. From a practical perspective, it is to know how we ourselves “can support our hormones of happiness” in a natural manner – for example by antidepressant food and appropriate activities but also just as interesting and important.

dopamine Amin serotonin, endorphin Fortune messengers centrally

What foods are particularly effective in winter blues?

Nutrition scientists have proved it with numerous studies, our diet for our physical and mental health is as important. With regard to the hormones of happiness, some foods as useful may be recommended. For example some of the best foods that contribute to an optimal levels of serotonin – dates, are so figs, cashews, walnuts, oatmeal and chocolate, but also other protein products like Camembert, parmesan cheese, milk and tofu.

In General, Omega-3 fatty acids for optimal metabolism in the brain are responsible and therefore also for an optimal value of happiness hormones. Therefore, foods such as are quite healthy salmon, mackerel, flaxseed, meat, dairy products, and rapeseed oil and it should eat them as often as possible.

dopamine Amin serotonin endorphin hormones of happiness-centrally

What activities promote the happiness hormone levels?

Especially sport and exercise in the open air have a completely positive on the holistic Constitution of every human. The increased oxygen supply is positively influenced also the distribution of happiness hormones and you feel easy to flow. Stress, fatigue and grumpiness make room for cheerful mood and joie de vivre. Dancing, singing and common playing bring an extra dose of hormones of happiness with it, as well as even listening to your favorite music or reading a nice book. Yoga is in terms of happiness hormones of the ALLROUNDER. Especially laughter will provide you with sufficient good mood and positive thoughts in only a very short time.

The list is already long. Find also your special style and way to feel good and happy! Celebrate the life and stay healthy!

dopamine Amin serotonin endorphin yoga sunrise sunset

dopamine Amin serotonin endorphin hiking Sunrise hormones of happiness

Is How is our happiness?Wie our happiness? -an infographic of Lotto land

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