So You Can Stop The Common Cold – Important Tips

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So, you can stop the common cold before you really started!

In autumn, the weather changes quite often and quickly. During the day, we have sometimes really high temperatures and in the evening they fall woodden very low values. In this time of year is a cold very quickly. How can we’s, to stay healthy in these circumstances?

If you recognize the symptoms of a cold, you can do something, before your condition deteriorated significantly.

How can I prevent a cold in the autumn season?

stop and prevent cold autumn

The phase before the common cold has a real name – Prodrom. during this phase, you have all the symptoms of the common cold, but in a very gentle way. There are no specific indicators according to which you recognize the early phase of the cold.

How do we know that we are in the early stages of a cold?

ill at the Office cold stop and prevent

Typically, the following symptoms occur: you will feel weak, your head is a bit dizzy and you meet the usual activities during the day not good. You also have an unusually poor concentration because of the weak body.

If you are already have a cold, you surely know what’s typical for you.

It’s different for different people

cold stop and prevent healthy living

If you catch the common cold at this stage, you can avoid the very worst moments. In the first place, you should start to drink as much liquid as possible. You should take tea or lemon water. So clean and warm your body and provide him with a large amount of vitamin C. Still you should stress reduce to the minimum – both the physical and the mental. Take your time on the day or in the evening, you lie down under a warm blanket with a book in front of the TV or in the. Treat yourself and make really comfortable.

Sleep a couple of hours longer than usual. This will regenerate your body and give him more power. Thus, you enable your natural defenses.

You can stop the common cold and avoid the worst phase

cold stop and prevent more sleep

Ventilate your home very well, so that no harmful bacteria and dust stay inside the room.

Cook something healthy: warm are very good medicine against any cold meals with plenty of vegetables. Avoid eating the meat or consume only such high quality and in small quantities.

For most people, these simple actions are enough to avoid worse colds. If you have not the time for recovery or this means you are no longer in effect, you have other options. There are so-called natural medical remedies for a cold.

Drunk you cold tea

stop colds and prevent tips

cold stop and prevent artzneimittel

Several studies have shown, the Purple Coneflower (Echinaceapurpurea) the production of certain substances in the body stops and therefore our immune system protects from bad influences. Many doctors recommend this natural means as prevention against colds. Most convenient a tincture of Crimson Sonnnenhut will be likely. You can add these water or tea.

Purple Coneflower called also pallida

echinacea purpurea cold stop and prevent

Drinking tea from pallida

echinacea purpurea tea stop cold and prevent

If you are taking zinc, you can weaken your cold symptoms and reduce even the period of disease on some days. 75 grams per day would be perfect enough for this purpose.

Foods rich in zinc

cold stop and prevent zynk

Studies show that you can counteract with elderberries nasal congestion. You have also antibacterial properties. For cough you could drinking elderberry juice and heal it quickly.

Elderberries strengthen the immune system

elderberries erkaätung stop and prevent

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