Spend The Summer Safely Without Sunburn And Skin Cancer Risk

Editor   April 18, 2016   Comments Off on Spend The Summer Safely Without Sunburn And Skin Cancer Risk

Healing through the summer sun

Daylight saving time is not only holiday time and solar time. Because the Sun attracts us all out into nature, into the open, the lakes and the sea. Of course, very good for our health to spend time outdoors, – the production of vital vitamin D is stimulated and thereby strengthen the immune system. But especially bright and sensitive skin needs a special attention in the Sun. In time, she should be protected from the Sun.

Who wants to spend the summer but safely without sunburn and skin cancer risk, which should follow a few simple rules.

Avoid the Sun at noon
Cover sensitive skin with clothing
Use sunscreen with at least SPF 20
not for hours without hat or CAP in the direct sun
Wear sunglasses with details such as UV 400 or 100% UV

What the most sun-worshippers do not know: A tanning effect of the skin occurs also when it is applied a. But the advantage of the creams a is to avoid any damage to the skin.

Prevent sunburn

salvation without sunburn and skin cancer risk spend the summer

Sun protection for children and animals

Especially babies and young children must be protected from the blazing sun and you should not expose anyway without the Sun hat. And just in the infants, applying the skin moisturizer is essential. But they need a unconditional protection not only outdoors but also a sunscreen in the car. This is true however for older children and animals if this with driving in the car in the hot summer time.

Because it can happen ever that on a hot day in the car, the heat formally stands and the plump Sun is shining through the window. This is not only intolerable but also particularly harmful and sometimes life-threatening. Of course, you could crank the window down now but this leads to a direct direct draught, and the risk of catching a cold would be too high. A sunroof could be a solution, but not every car has it. What has however proved a good solution over the years is a sunscreen for the window in the form of films. Do not let this prevent sun rays in the vehicle and they are even easy to attach to the Windows.

In the tinting shop www.folienmarkt.de you will find an extensive selection and lots of variants for glass and window panes. Another side effect convinced. At the same time, the look of the car can be improved with the automotive films, car Visual protection films and tinted films and providing protection against thieves. Because behind dark glass they can discover another handbag or other Wertgegentändeohne.

But it does benefit by tinting the very best from harmful UV radiation and heat in the car – especially when children or animals are “on board”.

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