Stomach Complaint: Chronic Stomach Pain Through Natural Healing Remedy

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chronic stomach pain stomach of be fighting tips

Cure chronic stomach pain with natural resources

We would like to begin you should go with chronic stomach pain in any case to the doctor. This could mean a lot and in all cases these symptoms require urgent and effective medical intervention. In addition to the drugs and the rules which you receive from your specialist, you’d get certainly prescribed how you must change your diet (at least partially).

What to eat with stomach problems?

chronic stomach pain stomach tips

We want to help you now with some useful tips. So you could bypass also, if necessary, faster the time until the doctor visit.

We want to indicate that you still in advance a thing. The chronic gastro-intestinal problems are linked in very many people with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. They get about 50% of us. You can go without, but also with serious symptoms. You must not ignore this, otherwise there could be serious consequences.

Useful tips for chronic stomach pain

stomach weakness stomach intestine system

There are appropriate nutrition, which could help this problem, as well as the stomach problems arising for other reasons. The local tips could accompany the therapy with antibiotics.

What helps?

stomach combat chronic Magenschmerzrn

Lots of vitamin C

The intake of vitamin C help chronic stomach pain. These are mainly certain fruits and vegetables. However, they must be consumed often in a gentle form. Otherwise, they could at the same time also needlessly irritate the stomach.

Intake of vitamin C

chronic stomach pain stomach vitamin C# chronic stomach pain stomach vitamin c

No coffee and no sweets

It is of enormous importance to reduce, even avoiding the intake of certain foods. These are sugar, chocolate, coffee, milk, dairy products, red and processed meat. Also acidic and refined products, tomatoes, vinegar, salt and alcohol are bad for stomach complaints.

Healthy diet

chronic stomach pain stomach coffee with milk

Piquant harm also

For stomach disorders you should Dodge, until these are gone, too spicy. These include those of red and black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and others.

Avoid spicy food

stomach fighting spicy food

Less fat

It is also important that you eat as little fat. This also ignited the mucous membrane of the stomach and promotes the complaints.

Low-fat cooking

chronic stomach pain stomach cooking low-fat

Herbs that will improve your condition

There are herbs, spices and even pet foods, which you should use an accent. These include oregano and oregano butter . Take plenty of them for at least 14 days. Thyme is also very helpful. You need to make them especially water extract. So, you often have such tea. It is important that this is not very hot, so that it doesn’t irritate the stomach.

As a healthy spice use oregano

chronic stomach pain stomach fighting oregano

Thyme tea

chronic stomach pain stomach fighting herbal tea

If you love the Indian spices, then you buy turmeric. It would foster, including your immune system, which is very important for stomach complaints.

Turmeric and other Indian spices

chronic stomach pain stomach Indian spices

Licorice root shows effective for chronic stomach problems.

Licorice and licorice root are beneficial

chronic stomach pain what do when stomach licorice root

So to eat love Mediterranean food, with lots of onions and garlic? Both types of vegetables have a strong antibacterial effect. Rough consumption and juice from these two can be very helpful in stomach pain.

Onions and garlic have antibacterial effects

what food in stomach onions and garlic

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