Testosterone Levels Increase – Tips And Tricks

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The male hormone is testosterone in the testes and the adrenal glands produces and belongs to the biochemical neurotransmitters in the body. Hormones play an important role in building the muscles as well as deciding whether stressed or relaxed, energetic or tired feeling straight, thick, thin, soft, or muscular. Testosterone affects also the appetite for sports activities and the sex drive. Tips on how testosterone levels can be balanced or even lifted now follow.

Testosterone is an important hormone that the body can by no means without. A study from the United States comes even to the result that testosterone can save against heart attacks and strokes, and is thus of course vital. At the same time, an Austrian study shows the connection between testosterone deficiency and depression. An acute balance of testosterone value is required, there are prescription medications and supplements. Interested in information to the testosterone gel, a helpful supplement to increase testosterone.

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Testosterone – for the joy of living

The way to more testosterone

Notes on a low testosterone level can be chronic fatigue, fatigue, concentration problems, listlessness, irritability, and hair loss. Lower erections, lack desire sex, back problems or weight gain are also among the points that may be associated with testosterone deficiency. But this cannot compensate with some commitment.

Important: proper nutrition

First, it is important to understand the connection between testosterone, diet and exercise. Good nutrition provides the energy that the body needs to function effectively. The feeling beaten down, a dangerous cycle now to break through fun physical activities – the less actually. Works directly with the right diet. Already the indigenous peoples knew how important the food is and what positive impact it has on the body. For example, quinoa, that plant today captured the cuisines of the world and the heart of the gourmet in the storm – whether as a starter, main course or dessert was one of the staple foods of the Maya. Vegetables, salads, fruit, and citrus fruits should also be considered in the daily diet.

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Outdoor fun increases testosterone levels

Sports – game – voltage

Vitamin D plays an important role not only for the testosterone, but also for the entire body. It is formed in each cell and is dependent on the support by the sunlight. Heat outdoor activities thus both cardiovascular and testosterone than vitamin D production. While personal preference decide about the sport. Course – and calisthenics enthusiasts (they train without special tools) work out the race and jumping or concentrated weight exercises. They need no gyms, but take advantage of local conditions for the daily workout. Strength training and fine tuning are two more ways to get the testosterone sporting way to front man. This is the so-called M.A.R.K.13.-formula a decisive way, because she represents the four elements of the effective sequence: mental training, balanced diet, proper strength training, and most recently the cardio training. The mental training gives you the kick. The starting shot in the daily training session is accompanied by a particularly high-quality and balanced nutrition in a way. The proper strength training is a science in itself, because it is votes that, which targets to be achieved. A good advice is a personal trainer. The cardio workout as a fourth element increases the stamina and helps the fat loss. Endorphins are released and the body’s fat burning system is in full swing. Who integrates the overall concept in his daily routine, leads an active lifestyle at the same time – providing the perfect value of testosterone as a goodie on top.

Testosterone promotes a healthy lifestyle

The correct body weight raises testosterone levels. Regular exercise and targeted nutrition reduce obesity. Alcohol consumption affects the hormonal balance, however, promptly and disrupts the formation of testosterone in the testicles – even up to 24 hours in retrospect. In addition, the consumption of alcohol increases the cortisol levels and the production of estrogens. This influence is not only the so-called hard alcohol out, but already the beer in the evening when grilling. Since a testosterone deficiency already at a young age can lead to difficulties, it is all the more important to gain an awareness of the right measures. The positive attitude to life is the basis for fun and joy of life. Suddenly the desire arises, to move: swimming, cycling, running again become the daily passion. The Foundation of men’s health provides helpful information available in their brochure to the testosterone deficiency.

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The perfect symbiosis of elegance and strength – and a way to increase testosterone levels.


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