The 10 Best Spices For Positive Energy And A Healthy Life

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The magic of spices: This time literally mean…

When one talks about the magic of spices, almost never literally means it. Rather, we have the magic in the sense which they spread through our food. But in the history, and perhaps still today, they are used in various magic rituals.

HM, would it ever be interesting to know more about it, or? You can experiment around even a bit in the long winter evenings with the magic of spices. Who knows if not solely on imagination-based the one or other aspect of life improves.

Combine spices with fresh herbs when cooking

spices online healthy cooking herbs Rosemary chili ginger


We start our story about the magic of spices with cinnamon. He used the most at Einschwörungen for happiness, prosperity and success. Did you know that if you spray in the morning so that a slice of bread or coffee, this can lead to better business?

It is believed that the cinnamon before bad rumors and envy can protect. Before a speech, you can make a better speaker cinnamon candies.

Cinnamon warms and disinfected

spices online buy healthy cinnamon


In the story, he was deified and fucking. The Church forbade him time. But the superstition associated are mostly positive. Mixed with cinnamon the ginger can bring faster happiness to you. Ginger in the vicinity of the phone can make important calls happen faster. You must put down but not too much of it, because this can in turn make things too “hot” and even cause a dispute.

Often times a delicious ginger tea can prepare especially in winter

spices online healthy ginger Frisch Pulver


For many centuries, it cleans the energy of the rooms with salt. If you feel negative energy you exude just much of it in the House.

Prefer the salt with a higher iodine content

spices online healthy salt sea salt


It is said that Basil of Mars comes. He would have a protective and healing effect. Thus, you can counteract the negative energy. Scatter some Basil from the front door to attract more money into the House.

Basil is well known with its antibacterial effect

Basil fresh healthy spices online


Laurel tree helps that wishes come true. When you are bathing in a tub of Laurel, which has also a different effect. You could become more famous.

A spice for a real winner

spices online healthy fresh Laurel leaves


Marjoram on the floor will absorb the negative thoughts. After some time you should him to sweep out there, out the door.

Refine your fish dishes with fresh Marjoram

spices online healthy Marjoram herbs


You want to enchant someone with charm? Do you need more persuasion in the sale?

Drink mint tea or chew some leaves before the performance

spices online healthy fresh mint


Do you need more money? According to superstition, you can drag it with the magic of this spice. Prepare a tea from dried parsley. You can drink it or some of it spread in the room with a sprayer.

In combination with lemon, parsley intensifies the healthy effect

spices online healthy lemon parsley vitamins


The magic of spices can provide a strong protection. It is believed that by the Rosemary. Spread a bit of it at home or wash in the Rosemary water goods, which you believe that they spread negative energy.

Essential oil from Rosemary is also especially refreshing your senses

spices online healthy fresh rosemary plant


Like to drink Sage tea? Yes, that’s right, this tea is very healthy and beneficial. They promote to the wisdom and the clarity of your thoughts.

Fine aroma will leave you never

spices online healthy Sage tea

Prepare tasty and healthy dishes with this magical spices

spices online healthy cooking herbs pepper berries

Always ensure that the freshness and good hygiene at the time of purchase

cooking fresh healthy spices online shopping market

Discover new spice combinations

spices online healthy cooking herbs parsley pepper peppers

Neglect the onion and the garlic never

spices online healthy cooking Mediterranean garlic Laurel olive oil

Can affect you the exotic magic of spices

spices online healthy cooking Oriental exotic

Don’t forget – the eyes

spices online healthy cooking powder

The most popular winter spices

spices online healthy cooking winter cinnamon anise carnations

Strengthen your immune system and stay healthy!

spices online healthy cooking onions garlic lime

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