The 5 Magical Properties Of Chestnuts

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chestnut chestnuts chestnut collection autumn harvest

Chestnuts, sweet chestnuts and chestnuts

As you probably already know, is chestnut not equal to chestnut. The most popular varieties in Germany are horse-chestnut trees, precious or chestnuts and chestnuts.

The autumn is back and thus the time of chestnuts! Do you know even their flavor when they are baked? You have also a super nice flavor. Stay with us! We have to tell you very interesting facts about the chestnut. It’s less about the often discussed healthy nutrients.

Chestnut protect us from unhealthy broadcasts

If we put the chestnuts in our bags, they protect us from the unhealthy air. According to research, they reduce the influence of the WiFi devices with 30 to 40%. As a result, we fight many of the typical autumn symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, etc by wearing around chestnuts

The Buckeyes are particularly effective in this respect and healthy in other aspects.

Namely called wild chestnut horse chestnut

chestnut horse chestnut shells nuts, animal feed

Play with the chestnuts!

Hold the chestnuts in your hands and play with it. You can also simply turn them between your fingers. You have a super soothing effect. Shy people are gaining confidence greatly.

You must have patience

To get the healthy effect of chestnuts, you need patience, after all, pretty much. So permeates the positive energy of the chestnuts by the hand chakra, you must keep these several hours in your hands.

From there, spreading the positive impulses of our energy pathways and reach all places in our body.

This of course also the chestnuts and chestnuts are suitable

chestnut chestnuts chestnut chestnuts fall

In their prickly, green hull chestnuts look almost like small hedgehogs

chestnut chestnuts autumn harvest season Frost

Solve your sleep problems

Chestnuts have a beneficial effect in people with sleep problems. Place five – six such under your pillow. You should not overdo it however. More than ten would be too much and can to unpleasant side effects, like for example cause fatigue.

And nutrients

Let now the main nutrients call us, provide us with which chestnut. You have included chestnuts vitamin B6, albeit in a smaller amount, folic acid, B-1, B-2, vitamin K and pp too much manganese, copper and potassium. You have many carbohydrates and a small dose can make us tired.

Healthy nuts with a pleasant strong taste

chestnut chestnuts chestnut edible fall season healthy

Crosswise cut the shells before roasting

chestnuts chestnut chestnut shells cut roasted

The chestnuts will then look like

chestnut chestnut chestnuts roasting shells cut

Chestnuts in the cosmetics industry

If you can help your sensitive skin, then look for the various recipes for masks with chestnuts. Chestnut extracts are included in many cosmetic products.

The chestnuts are one of the many evidences that healthy living is reach. It requires nothing more than the knowledge that we already have many products and which have proven effective for many centuries.

While the chestnuts are used primarily

chestnut chestnut chestnuts roasting collecting healthy

Numerous treats made with precious and sweet chestnuts

chestnut chestnut chestnuts entree mushrooms chicken onions

Roasted chestnut fit with Brussels sprouts and Bacon just excellent

chestnut chestnut chestnuts chestnut recipes Brussels sprouts roasted

Is pumpkin risotto with chestnuts also a good idea, right?

chestnut chestnut chestnuts chestnut risotto pumpkin onions parsley

Enjoy chestnuts jam for breakfast

chestnut chestnuts chestnut jam themselves make

Bake butternut pumpkins with sweet chestnuts, honey and cinnamon

chestnut chestnut chestnuts Christmas dish pumpkin cinnamon roasted chestnut

Try this simple chestnut chocolate cake recipe from!

chestnut chestnut chestnuts chestnut chocolate cake

The winter season is also chestnut time

chestnut chestnut chestnuts chestnut Christmas market season

Prepare them yourself in the Pan

chestnut chestnuts chestnut chestnuts healthy snack roasted

Sweet chestnuts and chestnuts taste especially fine roasted with butter and Rosemary

chestnut chestnut chestnuts roasting butter Rosemary

The main features of the chestnuts

chestnut chestnuts chestnut edible leaves nuts

Roast chestnuts at home and invite friends

chestnut chestnuts roasted autumn Christmas

The tasty nuts look like peeled

chestnut chestnut chestnuts roasted peeled

Definitely not, confuse the dining with the Buckeyes!

chestnut horse chestnut differ Cup nuts

Horse chestnuts are suitable not only as decoration but also as animal feed

chestnut horse chestnut animal feed autumn

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