The Banana Nutrients And Vitamins Do Well Your Health!

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The sweet drug

The bananas are among the world’s most popular for large and small fruits: around the globe, we enjoy all this delicious fruit which is characterised also by amazing high nutritional value in addition to their sweet unique personal taste. Strange is the fact that although only green and yellow bananas are to purchase all year through trade, the world still more varieties are known – for example on the Seychelles Island of Mao, the locals serve red and black bananas served different traditional dishes. Bananas occupy second place in the list of mostly farmed fruits global. India and Brazil are currently leading farming countries banana trees. In Latin, this fruit purée sapientum, means meaning that fruit of the wise men literally!

Banana nutrition facts – everything you should know about the bananas
banana healthy nutrition facts

First you have to take consideration of the color whose shell when buying bananas: fully ripe bananas in the market have the advantage that they have a higher level of antioxidants and anti-cancer properties as the green bananas and therefore have a better impact on the immune system. The daily consumption of banana regulates blood pressure and ensures the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system: a bowl of bananas contains a real shitload potassium – about 800 mg.

A single banana a day reduces the risk of a heartbeat or a stroke.

Bananas are also considered probiotic, which eating strengthens the intestinal flora – improved therefore this fruit peristalsis and helps in digestive disorders. Gastritis and ulcer should you bananas regularly konsumiren, because they reduce the stomach acid; the pectin contained herein neutralizes the excess bile juices and consequently lowers the risk of gallstones and colorectal cancer.

Bananas are to purchase all year in the trade

banana sewing values yellow banana

Although bananas are relatively kolorienreich (about 89 calories in 100 g) carbohydrates occur in combination with many fiber, which lead to slow degradation. The so-called slow carbohydrates provide a slower rise in blood sugar and less quick attach fat. Thanks to its sweet taste, this fruit can simply replace your appetite for sweet silent and chocolates, candies and other sweets! If you want to diet and lose weight quickly, you should include this fruit on all cases in your daily eating plan!

As well as the chocolate bananas as the lucky food are known, in contrast to the sweet seduction of cocoa, the fruit is however kalorienärmer. Here contained tryptophan and vitamins B6 stumilieren the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, improve the mood, crowd out the negative thoughts, fight the deep depression and assist in stress management. Magnesium calms the body and prevents spasms, so enjoy bananas of pretty great interest on the part of most athletes and are a preferred food of intermediate training.

Some interesting facts about the bananas

banana nutrition healthy eating

In addition to their high potassium content, bananas contain 3 times more vitamin C than the apples, in addition the many minerals like copper, magnesium, and manganese of health do well. A banana contains about 110 g. calories and 3 g dietary fiber 1 g proteins. Even after the fruit is been picked, the natural maturation process will not be interrupted, so you must remove the fruit from the tree, while they are still green. Along their way to the market, this will then mature and reach customers equal to the consumption of ready. In this way longer time to make use of their health-promoting properties, you must store bananas after the purchase in the refrigerator. Namely with bananas the most babies are fed first, because the fruit can easily Chew and swallow. In East Africa, one bride the typical banana beer. This fruit grows even in Iceland… well, actually in the glass houses, which are supplied with heat and power by the volcanic underground lakes!

Bananas are the perfect food for babies and toddlers

banana nutrition babies

In the course of a year, bananas are consumed about 100 billion in the world, the fruit is considered the fourth most commonly used agricultural culture and followed by same wheat, rice and corn. In Uganda, people eat bananas the most – numerous statistics broken down by each inhabitant consumed more than 220 kg here on average in the year. bananas. The fruit is offered here as Maincourse, as well as accompaniment to the main course or dessert! All the bananas contain a fairly small amount of the radioactive isotope potassium 40! The banana is considered to be a holy and divine fruit with supernatural abilities in India, China and Malaysia.

The banana tree, actually rather referred to by most researchers and banana growers as a banana Bush

sewing worth banana banana tree

Banana nutritional values – the fruit you must pick still green

banana nutrition facts bananabaum

Experiment with the recipes and enjoy particularly tasty and nutritious dishes such as banana bread


Banana nutritional values – a perfect idea for a loving and healthy Valentine’s Day surprise

banana nutrition crepes

Banana nutrition facts – bananas can be different to consume

banana food nutrition facts

Banana nutritional values – a healthy breakfast for two

banana breakfast nutrition facts

The banana cake is a classic for those who like to bake

banana nutrition cake

Banana nutrition facts – bananas can be additionally also bread and FRY

Important: Keep track of all their health-promoting properties at the roast

banana nutrition recipes

In the following are a few ideas on how you might serve your guests as dessert bananas!

naerwerte banana

banana sewing values ice-cream sundae

banana naerwerte ideas

naerwerte tasty banana

banana naerwerte tasty food

banana naerwerte recipe

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