The Home Sauna – Health Effect And Proper Care

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Yes, wintertime is sauna time! Especially when it is outside uncomfortable cold and dark, our longing for warmth and comfort increases. It helps best a relaxed visit to the thermal baths or SPA Center in your area or in your own home sauna. Because not only in Scandinavia the sauna is at home, but already for a long time in this country. More and more homeowners opt for this great opportunity to be able to dive at any time in the soothing water.

Health benefits of sauna

Since time immemorial, you know the numerous positive effects of saunas on human health. Regular sauna stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system comprehensively. At the same time sauna visit affects very beneficial on the autonomic nervous system, which usually helps with chronic headaches and sleep disorders and brightens the mood. On the other hand, the skin is cleaned and hydrated and the Detox process in the body is optimally supported. Not for nothing, experts a detoxification cure or targeted weight loss advocate regular saunas. Osteoarthritis and chronic back pain be prevented by sauna or at least significantly alleviated.

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Safe walking should older people in front of a sauna visit to the family doctor check-up and advice read. And people with certain health problems such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, acute or chronic infections, strong colds or skin irritations are generally discouraged by the sauna.

Otherwise: Enter quietly in your home sauna and sweat is just healthy!

You can order the right home sauna on-site as well as online at many sauna party. To find a rich selection of saunas, sauna equipment and accessories, for example, on, where one can obtain all other necessary components and accessories for the home sauna.

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Properly maintain sauna

Heat and humidity? Not only we, but also fungi and bacteria love it. Therefore: nothing like get to work! Who wants to have a clean and healthy atmosphere in your own home sauna, should make an effort before a little. Then later, sweating and relaxation are greater.

Principle: Always ventilate the sauna, especially after use. But also as a general rule: the sauna door keep closed only during the sessions. So, stock – and mold a lot is prevented.

Sauna benches, sauna stove and floor should dry you off whatever after sauna and also regularly clean. This gentle clean with a lint-free Microfiber cloth with vinegar or citric acid in warm water is recommended cashed. There are also very good special cleaners on the market that you can use for the floor, if your home sauna was used by guests. When cleaning the sauna always applies: wash them only when it has completely cooled down!

Extra tip: pull out the bottom row of the base slightly forwards after the sauna, to mould and bacteria have there no chance.

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If you are nice and responsible to your home sauna, then thank them every time on the new you and give you unparalleled relaxation and sustainable health.

So, pay attention to a correct maintenance and cleaning the sauna and let yourself be good there!

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