The Ketogenic Diet – Pros And Cons

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Is actually a ketogenic diet effective?

The ketogenic diet is on everyone’s lips lately. It is no wonder, because this diet promises many positive effects on body and mind with a sustainable weight loss. Basically, we are talking to a maximum reduction of carbohydrates and increase of fats, which are taken daily by the food. As you probably already know, is almost the whole energy that the body needs carbohydrates, the body subsequently converts to glucose. In this way, we are immediately supplied with sufficient energy. You it probably often felt after the delicious candy bar, didn’t you?

A ketogenen diet is the almost complete satisfaction of the energy needs of the body fat. Fats are ketone bodies, thus the name. Often, the ketogenic diet and nutrition is shortly called Keto. This diet trend comes from the United States and is a more extreme form of the already well known low-carb diet. The goal is to convert the metabolism that are burned daily accumulated fat in the body. Kind of like in a State of hunger. This process is called also ketosis.

Ketogenic diet for a healthy, sustainable weight loss

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty coconut oil olive oil salmon butter meat

According to latest scientific investigations and experience, the ketogenic diet should work very positively on the State of cancer and epilepsy patients. In these cases, it is rather a very strict variant of this diet and she must be carried out only under medical supervision. A very slight ketogenic diet without big concerns cannot be met but in healthy people.

Prefer organic meat, eggs and dairy products

ketogene adiät healthy fat fatty pork shrimp of salmon ham eggs milk

Olive oil and other cold-pressed oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids omega 3 healthy olive oil

The avocado contains high-quality, healthy fats

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids omega avocado healthy

Nevertheless, we advise in advance to inform and to consult with a physician or dietician. We have a very simple and energizing recipe as a small tip in terms of ketogenic diet. It will be mainly for the coffee drinkers of you interest. It’s called coffee bulletproof.

The hot trend in the United States

ketogenic diet healthy fatty acids bulletproof coffee

How can you prepare bulletproof?


1 cup of organic coffee (you can also directly the patented bulletproof coffee shop online)
1 TBSP coconut oil
1 tsp raw, organic honey
1 tsp organic butter – unsweetened
1/4 TSP vanilla extract

How BB´s:

All these ingredients need to enter only in the blender or food processor and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. You can drink either hot or cooled down enjoy. Sprinkle on request also with a little cinnamon or cocoa powder and drink themselves slim!

Here are a few tasty examples of your ketogenic diet:

Start with a healthy, fat-rich breakfast!

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids healthy breakfast cocoa strawberry milk

Or prepare a refreshing green Smoothie

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty avocado spinach smoothie recipe

Berries contain very few calories and are particularly well suited for your ketogenic diet

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids of low carb fruits berries raspberries blueberries blackberries

There are also nuts

ketogene diet healthy fat fatty nuts walnuts almonds hazelnuts

Combine meat and Bacon with avocado and green salad

ketogene diet healthy fat fatty avocado lettuce Bacon

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids fish chicken breast fillet of cherry tomato of Arugula pine nuts

Tender steaks and grilled vegetables

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids steamed vegetable potato onion zucchini

Fish is also a rich source of healthy fats

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty of salmon seafood vegetables broccoli

Fresh salads and homemade dressing

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty acids of low carb recipes salads

Processed cheese or mozzarella cheese on a steak

ketogenic diet healthy fat fatty steak onions cheese asparagus

Eggs, bacon, and avocado – a wonderful trio

ketogenic diet healthy fat Bacon avocado egg proteins

And of course the classics in this country – the sausages!

ketogene diet healthy fat Bacon sausage mashed potatoes

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