The Power Of Nature Against Flu Viruses

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The summer draws in the country: time for shorts, beach volleyball, and chills. But also against the summer flu an herb is grown. You can argue with these healthy Super foods.

The term summer flu may sound unusual, but widely used are the symptoms. Just we have packed away the thick winter jacket and welcome the summer with the first cozy evenings in the open air. And then a summer flu is announced but just before the holidays quite naughty in many people. 20% of Germans are plagued in the summer of each year.

Why “catch” we us the warmest time of the year?

In offices, all Windows are open in the summertime, we switch on “Swipe” for some cooling. In the car and in the Mall air conditioning the air cool down so much that we cool our mucous membranes during breathing. As a result, these are susceptible to viruses. The same thing happens when we us are too long in the cool waters of a lake or in the swimming pool. Also the perceived “soft effect” of ice-cold drinks hurt us in the same way.

It is better to suspend the body to no practical changes in temperature. Despite then hit us yet, you can quickly turn into quite a spanner in the small flu viruses with the healing power of nature.

summer flu viruses force nature means ginger tea lemon

Absolute star: Ginger. It can be used as a condiment or as a tea, and helps both preventive and healing. Fresh ginger helps by the way much better than finished products. A finger-big slice sliced, and BREW it with hot water. Voila, the ginger tea you feel better. Not for nothing, Ginger is called “Aspirin of nature”. Place the natural virus killer: Onions. The sulfur compounds contained in it – which drive us the tears in the eyes with onion Peel – make sure that also the common cold viruses have nothing to laugh about. If this is no satisfaction? Also Sea buckthorn and elderberries active virus abtoetend, since they are more expensive to process something, it is advisable to buy the juice. Also red beet – whether raw in salad or oven baked and used in soups and as a side dish – is full of anti-inflammatory substances.

summer flu viruses ginger tea Mint lemon lime

Should none of these wonder weapons against cough and cold help, you should look for other reasons for dry cough, because a flu virus that is not always to blame. Even if other foreign objects, such as mold spores, into the lungs, the body tries them through a cough – via the ejector seat function quasi – get rid of.

summer flu viruses kill natural remedy onions garlic

Have another cause than a mere summer flu suspected, consult a doctor in any case. Check also whether is at home not in a damp corner of the bathroom small mold spores have taken root. Here sometimes affordable home remedies from the drugstore and regular lifting help. But beware of “full swipe”!

summer flu viruses cure natural cough allergies mold

summer flu viruses hollunderbeeren immune

summer flu viruses natural remedies essential oils summer flowers

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