The Yin Yang Meaning Part 1

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Yin Yang meaning meditation Yoga

The energies of yin and Yang and their significance for the harmony in our body

We want to start the article with a warning. There are far too many would like experts who speak out about the Eastern wisdom, philosophies, beliefs and sources of energy.

In fact, there are even the Eastern philosophers on a kind of search. Their religions and beliefs do not claim on a closed character. You give us rather well founded theories about certain types of energy, which can determine with our nature and fate. Eastern philosophies trying to open the eyes, so that we should consciously deal. But even then, we can do the latter, if we do not know the meaning of concepts such as yin and Yang.

Seeking the perfect balance between yin and Yang

Yin Yang meaning Zen Buddhism teaching

If the just mentioned powers control our everyday lives, we are aware to all of us on an unconscious level about it. So listening to our intuition and body, we can achieve harmony in everyday life and life without having read just a line through the Eastern philosophy.

Since we want to think (often rather than feel), explanations to help us. You help us to grasp the whole thing more rational and in words. In this concern are the Eastern philosophies of fundamental importance.

Look at the perfection of the Lotus Flower

Yin Yang meaning balance natural Lotus

Yin and Yang: Significance and characteristics

According to Eastern philosophers, Yin and Yang are the two energies that govern most of our existence. You are the same kind of matter like the soul. Like this, they are however strongly connected to our physical existence.

The yin and Yang energies have the following characteristics:

Yin: Female, passive, cold, dark, negative, introvert, soft, low, holding back;

Yang: Male, active, hot, bright, positive, extroverted, hard, high, directed outwards.

Simply they are often defined as male and female energy

Yin Yang meaning balance Yoga energy

We all have the two energies within us. That would sound funny for anybody. We have even after Western recognition, in our organism, female and male characteristics, regardless of the gender.

The balance between them is very important, so we are healthy and feel happy.

Hard to digestible food excluded from the menu

You probably know the expression: “You are what you eat”. Literally that’s not true. But there is much truth in it. Hard digestible food has little useful nutrients, but for that much fat and sugar. Of which we take to Yes. In the end we payer a greater proportion of sugar. They promote this kind of food, only the Yang, so the male energy. Find a balance by integrating easily digestible food that requires slightly more effort in the preparation.

In other words, don’t forget, that each type of food has energy yin and Yang. You should achieve balance between these two within the tag menu.

Even when sleeping, you can with fine is Yin Yang sign help

Yin Yang meaning balance decoration bedding

Get to know the Feng Shui rules

You will better understand the importance of yin and Yang if you are better versed in the Feng Shui rules. This art of the institution ensures the balance between the two, which brings in turn more comfortable at home.

We go on energy in the next article on this topic with our rules to achieve a balance between the yin and Yang.

Round natural stones are very popular and applied in a Feng Shui decoration

Yin Yang meaning round stone

Create a beautiful realm of silence in your bathroom

Yin Yang meaning balance bathroom Palm pond

OASIS your bedroom can also easily transformed into a real Feng Shui

Yin Yang meaning Bedroom Feng Shui

You have probably ever seen such stone pillars at the booth

Yin Yang meaning stone Beach sea Feng Shui

In nature, Yin and Yang are always in perfect balance

Yin Yang meaning balance nature

The ancient teaching comes from China

Yin Yang meaning Buddhism Chinese void Feng Shui

Scented candles and delicate flowers provide more balance home

Yin Yang importance Feng Shui candles flowers table decorations

Consider the sun up and going, often

Yin Yang meaning sunset sea panorama

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