These Have Nothing To Do With Caries Tooth Pain

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Toothache, which have nothing to do with caries

What can spoil because faster the mood one as the tooth pain? Barely there is something Lästigeres and worse to load popular! Above all this pain of anxiety is accompanied, that you must go back to the dentist. The first thought is in this case, having a dental caries. But it was not always so. The source of dental pain can be different. Learn the reasons for it to differentiate, and it may be that you soon heal themselves without medical help themselves, or that you stop to cause pain due to bad habits.

Tooth pain? What helps?

dental pain what do reasons

Press too hard while brushing your teeth

Good dental care is not in force, with which you press the brushing against your teeth. Is about the right gentle technique and about to reach the hidden spots with the toothbrush.

Brush your teeth properly?

dental pain what do clean teeth properly

When brushing your teeth hurt many people pressing your gums strong. This is really bad and can lead to significant problems. Press slightly less, protect the gums. In some cases, even an electric toothbrush can help.

At least for a period, she can help you. Through this, you develop a sense for this as the normal pressure on the teeth should be.

Be careful, if you use dental floss

dental pain what do brush your teeth with dental floss

They had already a serious dental or trauma

The teeth are very sensitive. If you have already experienced trauma in this area, then it is you for all your life sometimes. You may have experienced a strong dental injury many years ago and there it hurts you is still very strong.

Also an old heavy dental treatment can cause that you have still severe tooth pain.

One feels it again while chewing.

Tooth pain after a dental treatment

dental pain what do dental

There are many skin care products such as dental rinses, for example, which could be useful in this regard. They include different products, which also provide relief and calming effect.

You grit your teeth unconsciously during sleep

Some people clench your teeth unconsciously during sleep. The result is this in the early morning, they hurt a real strong. To do this, there are mostly psychological reasons, which must be found and treated.

Teeth grinding in sleep

dental pain what do bite sleeping

They had a short time ago a dental treatment

A lot of people have great fear of visiting the dentist’s Office. You feel the treatment as stressful and unpleasant. The ongoing toothache, along with their treatment therefore together make up a big trauma. You cannot easily overcome this. For this reason, many people feel tooth pain still long time after treatment.

In some cases this is a phantom pain and to take in others – but seriously. In both cases help good rinses and dentifrices. Try it also with a pleasant distraction from your dental problems, so that the pain is over quickly.

Mouthwash for tooth pain

mouthwash tooth ache what to do against pain

You have a broken tooth

Sometimes, the fractions are so small that it does not notice it. You may have been caused by an accident during sports or other employment. You can have bitten just on something too hard.

Think carefully about whether this has happened you wouldn’t.

Healthy teeth

dental pain what do healthy teeth Apple bite

Do not move the prophylactic examination

If you have toothache, then you should try just to find out what is your toothache. Even if it is one of the newly listed symptoms, you should find out in an investigation. This is the best way to improve. In all cases, the timely treatment of teeth is important.

Regular dental visits

dental pain what do dentist appointment healthy teeth

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