Vegetable Protein: What Foods Are Good Sources Of Protein?

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Vegetable sources of protein? A critical comparison with the “animal” competition!

We all need many proteins in everyday life. This is true but especially for people who are daily very active and need so really good food. Proteins can be taken in many different forms. Is what kind of proteins we consume but of importance? Does it matter if we have to do it with vegetable or animal proteins?

Good proteins are responsible for the muscle building

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Do we need both types, or the vegetable proteins to replace the animal?

In the following you will find some answers and information related to this discussion.

Good sources of protein

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Vegetable or animal proteins?

Among the proteins, there are various subdivisions. Proteins are based on the so-called Proteinogenen of amino acids. They are divided into different groups. The distinction between essential and semi-essential amino acids is important for our question. From the first group we need basically for our healthy diet. You need only occasionally, and in certain situations the other way.

Left vegetables

left vegetables good protein sources of vegetable protein

The essential amino acids are abundant in plant proteins. The argument of many experts against vegan and vegetarian diet is based on this fact.

You can supply your organism actually even without animal products with sufficient essential amino acids. This requires however much knowledge, variety, and discipline in the diet. Here it’s prudent and proper combining of amino acids.

Ultimately the lack of an amino acid in a product must be made up through their absence in another.

8 products with much protein

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Production of proteins and amino acids in our bodies

The lack of an amino acid in our body can be compensated on an other way in our organism. How does it work? If you supply your body with enough vegetable products, he is able to produce even essential amino acids.

Healthy and strong with proper nutrition

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Examples of the successful combination of proteins

Without a claim to comprehensiveness, we give some examples of particularly successful protein combinations. Is a very strong such that between cereals and legumes. In some cases, this protein could be stronger than the animal.

Good vegetarian protein combinations are beans with toasted bread or cheese, sandwich with peanut butter, oatmeal with milk (soy or cow’s milk), rice with peas or beans.

Sandwich with peanut butter for the small hunger

good protein sources of vegetable protein peanut butter

Oat flakes with milk

good protein sources of vegetable protein Hafeflocken with milk

Old fashioned and modern testimonials

It was the opinion that you should take ample protein at every meal. This assumption has not confirmed by new research. On the contrary: protein resources collect abundant in our organism and they stay for a long time there.

Proteins are abundant stored in our body

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Choose high-quality vegetable protein sources

So, as just noted, the key to success is located in good mixing of the sources of protein. The latter quality must also be. Create a focal point in your diet on products such as nuts, seeds, soy products of leguminous crops. Grain is also particularly important.

Super foods – seeds and nuts

left vegetable protein sources of vegetable protein seeds

Nuts are rich in vegetable proteins

good protein sources of vegetable protein nuts seeds

Different foods contain different proteins. They contain separate amino acids. So, the key to proper diet is to acquire sufficient knowledge about this. There’s enough information in easily accessible literature and various sources of information on the Internet.

Above all, make sure that your diet contains as many as possible of the essential amino acids. Continue to use combinations, which arise together-strong protein sources.

Other foods with protein

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Fish with vegetable salad – tastes great and is very healthy

left vegetables good protein sources of vegetable protein seafood

Benefits of plant-based proteins

By mainly or for a diet based on plant proteins opting for one, you can reduce the consumption of animal products. It brings not only moral, but also health benefits.

Many people made it this way to lower their blood pressure. Also, it also reduces the risk before kidney disease and osteoporosis.

The diet with mostly vegetable protein is wonderful, if you want to perform a prophylaxis of gastric intestinal system.

Healthy nutrition for vegans

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