Vitamin K2, Calcium And Vitamin D For Healthy Bones

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The balance between vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin K2 as a formula for building healthy bones in humans

The human bones can develop positively in the first place through good diet and influence. And then there is our menu, which makes a big difference.

What can you do so that you have healthy bones?

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The basic rules

Here are some basic rules which should never leave out. Let them remember and then we move on to some specific tips. The processed food should be avoided in the first place. These create metabolic and biochemical conditions in the body, which significantly reduce the bone density.

Strong through healthy diet and exercise

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Eat more organic, high-quality, organic, locally produced food. This will condense on a natural way and your bone structure and greatly reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

About vitamin D and K2,

These vitamins are absolutely essential for the health of human bones. You may not waive them, if you train hard in the gym. Many modern studies prove this. The importance of these two vitamins is heavily emphasized, but it is also really understood?

The important role of vitamin K2

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The importance of vitamin K2 for human bone health

It’s very debatable, in how far at all the calcium in the form of additional nutrients can be healthy for you. If you are not familiar in his function, then this too much damage can result.

Note that, for your health, the combination of calcium and vitamin D, and vitamin K2 plays an important role in the first place.

Live healthy!

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Latest research to prove that if you take too much calcium, but vitamins neglect D and K2, then you can harm even your bones system. It could go so far that you suffer from osteoporosis.

The capture of the three in a balanced manner is crucial for your bone health.

Calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 in combination ensure a healthy bone system

How do we understand that we do not have enough vitamin K2 to us?

Diet and lifestyle are usually so organized that we take an adequate vitamin D and calcium with our food. We also quickly learn to recognize the signs of a lack of these two ingredients.  We are not so trained to notice the lack of vitamin K2.

It is therefore of fundamental importance to recognize the signs of deficiency of this vitamin.

All symptoms and serious diseases, which are connected with the heart and with the bone structure of the human, could be attributed to lack of vitamin K2.

Prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis

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Products by which you accumulate vitamin K2

Here is a short list of products, which very probably contain vitamin K2.

Organic products of animal origin – the best, when the animals eat grass and plants
Products fermented with vitamin K2
Foie gras
Some cheeses, such as Brie and Gouda

Foods that are rich in calcium

bone human health dairy products

bone human health dairy calcium

Sodium and potassium

Sodium and potassium are two more very important ingredients for human bone health. You must be in sufficient quantity and in a good relationship. You buy them plenty, if you prefer fresh, rather than processed and artificial foods.

The balance between the three ingredients you will feel on your improved tone. You feel stronger and more motivated for more movement in everyday life and for active life. These two factors and the healthy life in general are very important for the the strong human bone system.

Live actively!

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